Omega is a book by Jack McDevitt that won the John W. Campbell Award, and was nominated for the Nebula Award in The mystery surrounding the. Having mastered the big, sprawling adventure stories called space opera in books like Chindi, McDevitt extends the form in this feel-good SF novel that earns. Omega (Academy, book 4) by Jack McDevitt – book cover, description, publication history.

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Apr 23, Patrick Scheele rated it it was ok. Only quibble would be that the the omega clouds would seem to have been improbably astonishingly poorly designed but perhaps that is addressed in the later books in the series.

Don’t worry about what’s real, what’s factual, what’s provably true, because all that really matters is walking around kmega with the warm fuzzies in your tummy and a blissful blank smile plastered on your face. He decides to appear before her and tell her about the cloud, which is now visible to the Goompahs, and tell her to head to the hills and to tell everyone.

A world of humanoid beings is discovered to be in the path of an Omega cloud, mysterious clouds of energy floating in space which attack and destroy anything with right angles. Nevertheless, this was e Finally, after two books in which the author simply refused to deal with the ‘Omega entities’ and instead turned the series into ‘object exploration’ which is not bad in itself, only misleadingwe are back to deal with the mystery which actually originated the series. They appear to be able to focus on civilizations with technology, and they have a frightening record of destroying every technically advanced civilization they encounter.

An omega cloud is headed towards Earth, but won’t arrive for about years. I read Sci Fi to be uplifted not presented with a downer.

Omega Book Summary and Study Guide

It’s pretty damn awesome when it comes to characters and the gentle push toward an alternate Star Trek kind of universe with almost no posturing and no overpowered gunships. Jack McDevitt usa ogni tanto lo stratagemma di infilare come nota di colore dei “titoli di giornali” dell’epoca. Or the amount he did go was a bit too far for the pacing and investment I was supposed to have in saving these guys.


That we owe loyalty to something greater than ourselves. The Omega Clouds — agents of destruction which seem to be able to recognise right angles and jwck signs of intelligent McDevitt is a tad frustrating. All those stuffy scientist types may actually be, you know, rightbut so what? I was tremendously eager to learn more about the origins of the Omega clouds, I enjoy McDevitt’s books. Having mastered the big, sprawling adventure stories called space opera in books like ChindiMcDevitt extends the form in this feel-good SF novel that earns its hopeful conclusion.

Mostly, I tolerate this pretty well. I enjoyed all pages. There are no ancient archeological mysteries to solve and whether oega ultimate quest of saving the cuddly aliens omegw or not isn’t going to influence humanity’s future. For another, McDevitt never resolves the mystery of the zhoka — who they were, why they look human, why the Goompahs fear them so. You heard it omeya, kids. Another ship is on the way with supplies, including dozens of things to be placed around the cities to eavesdrop on them so we can learn their language.

I wanted everyone to die by the end of the book. She’s regulated to a supporting character role in this book, which was a disappointment for me as McDevitt has made her a likable character. Scientists must find a way to rescue the humanoids without violating the protocol not to interfere with the civilization.

The characters haven’t evolved much since book 1, but I can’t say this is an author who’s bad at characters either. Nov 23, Nolan rated it liked it Shelves: They’ve paid a substantial price.

Omega (novel) – Wikipedia

There are 11 cities on this planet, all fairly near each other. I don’t think that discovery is much of a spoiler and I’ll avoid talking about the specific details that feed the puzzle in The Engines of Godmcdfvitt if you dislike all spoilers, you may want to stop reading here.

But unless one of the other experimental techniques of diverting the omega cloud works, the Academy crew has to get the Goompahs out of the cities and to high ground if they’re going to survive. The Goompahs named by the humans via an unfortunate accident of similarity to characters in a children’s TV show on Earth are not particularly alien aliens: Also, I get a nice long rant on, so get ready.


Early indications are that while the aliens, who come to be called Goompahs, have a relatively sophisticated and peaceful society centered on a narrow isthmus, they are pre-technological there seem to be no other settlements anywhere else on the globe and have no way of knowing what the omega cloud looming over them is, much less what to do about it. The bigger scope and varied locations of previous books were replaced by a stationary set on a too-good-to-true semi-primitive planet.

The question of “How do you rescue a people without them knowing that you’re there” arises. McDevitt tells a good story and is able to utilize action without relying on epic battles to do so. Right up until the last sixty pages I was ready to give this book one of my most enthusiastic recommendations ever, kids. But the Goompahs aren’t, and so to suggest that there was no other way to save them than by creating false religious visions that will no doubt impact their sociological development for the next few millennia is absurdly off-base.

Another ship is sent with a huge kite which struck me as really stupid and some video devices, to divert the cloud. McDevitt missed an opportunity here which may have raised the bar on this book a tad. I wanted to know the mystery of the Omega clouds, not that aliens had debates and orgies.

Jan 31, Yrag Notsew rated it really liked it. But this is pretty much on the same level as the second Academy novel for me. I would recommend reading the series though, since this book in itself isn’t a true indication of just how cool these novels are. As is typical of McDevitt, this is not accepted universally and is vigorously debated in the book. The commentary was fairly clever but the way it was pulled off?

The ship with the linguists loses its engines after six months mcddevitt is stranded. And once we get to Lookout, the Goompah’s planet, Omega is working on a higher level than Chindias its structure is more focused while Chindi was all over the place.