Full text of “FBI MIOG Sec Informants”. See other formats. Sensitive Manual of Investigative Operation! and Guidelines Part I PAGE ” 1 SECTION FBI Manual of Investigative Operations and Guidelines (Section on Informants) = 74 pages. This article will focus on how to research FBI policies and procedures for the operation of informants.

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The field office must use the same symbol number that was assigned in the previous SI when reopening an individual.

First date of contact by your office. NCIC inquiry end response. Notification of mog informant reference should be fgi with the appropriate supervisor having responsibility for the mail being searched. Where possible, all closed informant files should also be maintained in this room or otherwise maintained in a secure and locked condition. A preliminary inquiry may only be used to assess suitability. Rbi documents which either identify or tend to identify an informant? Required Findings of Suitability and Pertinence For Any Informant or Confidential Source Used on a Continuing Basis, Any Informant Authorized to Associate in Activities, Participation in Which Otherwise Would be Criainal, and Miob Informant or Confidential Source Providing Substantial Operational Assistance in an Undercover Operation ” 1 No informant or confidential source stay be used to provide information on a continuing basis, no informant may be authorized to associate in activities, participation in which otherwise would be criainal, nor may any informant or confidential source be used to provide substantial operational assistance in an undercover operation, unless the supervisory FBI official designated below has made written findings: Further, the FBI will not knowingly influence or attempt to influence any action of the union.

The nature of the information gained as a result of the violation; and 4. The fact that kiog a review was conducted must be documented in the informant’s ffbi on an FD and indexed on the FD The symbol ; i. Quality of the information furnished by the informant. These files are to be assigned to the Agent who is personally responsible for the development and operation of the informant.


An on-site review should enable the Criminal Informant Unit to determine whether the field CIP is capable of supporting the investigative programs of the field office, to ensure the worthiness of each informant for continued operation, and to confirm that all informants are being fni within established operational parameters. Listing of any advances, refunds and outstanding balance of advances.

Researching FBI Informant Policies and Procedures: The FBI MIOG and Other Sources

All dissemination, to informant. Vogel View Profile on Experts. Appraisal of whether request centers on source s new criminal involvement, and how source is aware of new criminal activity.

Activity that is proscribed by Federal. What use will be made of any information gathered through the violation of law. Engage in acts of violence without telling his FBI contact. The original insert will be filed in the informant’s subfile and a copy will be routed to the pertinent substantive case file. All approvals must be recorded in writing. A significant risk that a third party will enter into a professional or confidential “I.

The utilization of the suffix in the reporting of information derived from the source is unnecessary although suffix utilization should be continued for administrative purposes fni other need exists.

These indices should be maintained as above in a separate fbo secure manner under the authority of the SAC or person designated by that official.

Manual of Investigative Operations and Guidelines (MIOG)

The aerial number of the legal document containing the characterization, from the. Care must-be exercised to ensure that informants do not par ticipate in consensual monitoring activities. There are situations which the law enforcement agency may redact sections of their policies and procedures under the FOIPA if certain requirements are met.

He has 27 years of Federal law enforcement experience and has testified as an expert in Federal and state courts. If known, details about other agencies’ use of source since relocation.

FBI Manual of Investigative Operations & Guidelines [MIOG]

Three copies of the FD will be prepared. In these situations, the request should stt forth adequate justification for the enhanced authority level.


Uol number that the FDs are being sent. A report miot such information and the circumstances that warranted its acceptance shall be promptly forwarded to FBI Headquarters.

They are not intended to, do not, and may not be relied upon to create any rights, substantive or procedural, enforceable at law by any party in any matter, civil or criainal, nor do they place any limitations on otherwise lawful investigative and litigative prerogatives of the Department of Justice.

Any representations regarding plea agreements, immunity or other prosecutorial consideration for an informant’s assistance are to be made only by the United States Attorney’s Office. FAIR Furnishes some information of value for an extended period. On the file copy of the legal document in the. The following is an example of how an original FD and copy should be prepared.

This book may be purchased on Amazon and related sites and covers many federal law enforcement agencies. Task force members who have been authorized by the SaC to act as a co-case Agent may be present at debrief ings, witness payments, and have access to the informant’s file.

This will preclude the continued operation of marginal privileged informants and 1 imi t contacts with privileged sources to those which are fully justified by operational considerations.

Confidential Informants — Cooperating Witnesses — Confidential Human Sources This article will focus on researching Miig policies and procedures for the operation of confidential informants.

It is recognized that in the course of using an informant or confidential source, the FBI nay receive limited information concerning a variety of criminal activities by the informant or confidential source, and that in regard to less serious participation in criminal activities unconnected to an FBI assignment, it may be necessary to forego any further investigative or enforcement action in order to retain the source of information.