Franz Simandl (August 1, – December 15, ) was a double-bassist and pedagogue most remembered for his book New Method for the Double Bass. The older, established double bass method here is without a doubt the New Method for String Bass by Franz Simandl. This tried and true double bass. F. Simandl – New Method for Double Bass (Max Ebert).pdf – Ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online.

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I had somehow acquired enough basic technique on my own over the years that I really just jumped into some rather serious literature. He was Professor of double-bass at the Vienna Conservatory from to Thanks for the comparison, I never realized how lucky I was to have parents that were so progressive by putting me in classes with George.

I started out learning the double bass from a student of the orchestra that I used to play in. So all Germany goes on like before. My 4th graders had just learned the Simanvl scale in school and old man Simandl was having them grind away on atonal and they really are atonal exercises with accidentals galore. Vance presents the students with measure pentatonic tunes.

Early introduction of these positions makes simando thumb positions no scarier than any of the other positions. He is a truly creative artist speaking in a compelling original voice.

  B133EW03 V.2 PDF

I was really bored to tears, but it really really helped the left hand alot. Many, too many bassists do their job because they learned by Simandl and their stupid teachers. Hope this all helps and is of interest!

The Suzuki method is so commonly taught for the other stringed instruments that it is the de facto sequence for the other stringed instruments, but very few double bassists are taught using this sequence. I believe the result of this journey is a synthetic approach that combines the strongest elements of each set of practices into a cohesive yet open architecture that consistently produces rapid progress for my students… and now their students as well.

Thanks for your work blogging, your place its helping a lot for the world bass comunity. The Simandl “family tree” of bass pedagogues extends for many generations.

My teacher started me with Simandl too. This is Rabbath, the rest is: I try to make sure the student comes away with a strong set up…a secure left hand shape and a parallel bow. Here is what I like about this method: Have I become a Rabbath technique convert, then? Probably we should study every system to enlarge our possibilities of fingerings.

Harmonically simple tunes and basic movements helped with this. Not by a long shot. I studied with George Vance when I started playing bass.


Further reading and dpuble I told him that I have the two Simadl books. The only conclusion I can come to is that 19th century string actions and gut strings meant that this was the only practical way of playing at the time. All and all, I think people should explore the different types of instructional books out there. Views Read Edit View history. Unfortunately it is also impossible to find.

Franz Simandl – Wikipedia

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Simanrl. I bass player friend of mine came over and mentioned the Rabbath Method. Rabbath is liberation of old minded teachers and players. Now, I still do start my students with Simandl, but I write my own little pieces for them to play too.

New Method for the Double Bass (Simandl, Franz)

Just came across this article. Thanks for the post. I tell my students first of all that the excercises are not designed as great music. The first page of the Half Position exercises, for example, already introduces double sharps. There was an error submitting your subscription.