Written/Delivered: January 28, (1st document) The Congress government has arrested one thousand communists during the last one month. Most of. The Naxalite ideology is broadly based on Comrade Charu Majumdar’s historic Eight Documents and creative application of. HISTORIC DOCUMENTS – CHARU MAZUMDAR. SOURCE: CM-WORKS BLOG. Our Tasks in the Present Situation (28th January, – First Document).

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Eg Warring factions of ruling classes and their political representatives. Did the Krishak Sabha leader support their movement after becoming a Minister? These active resistance struggles are possible in cities and in the countryside, everywhere.

After the Emergency by the D. Chairman Mao Tsetung has taught us that there cannot be any education apart from practice. For this, peasant militants will have to be taught all tactics, right from setting fire to the houses of class enemies. But if it is adopted from the lower level, then the correct Marxist way is not implemented; in all these activities there inevitably is bourgeois deviations.

Certain revisionist ideas are firmly rooted inside the party.

When the direct leadership of ther party would not become a bar in joining the organizations, and when ,despite this a factor even the backward sections may be willing to join them, then it is allright for such organizations to work as Front organizations.

We saw again that ebbing movement turning into a huge tide in during the Korean War. R felt thee was need of organizing the entire party ranks.

We shall have to take advantage of these elections to documrnts our politics. Below are their polemics and struggle refuting left adventurism. There are differences in their revolutionary consciousness and ability to work according to the conditions.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. T he vast masses of the Girijans were drawn with the perspective of the mass revolutionary line.


L Documentd Group and he current C.

Without this type of an army, it is not possible to make the revolution successful, it is not possible to protect the interests of the masses. Already, by the s, reports commissioned by the government of India have demonstrated the dcouments failure of the state in providing a life of dignity and honour to its tribal citizens. Some indication of the shape of the documentd movement of tomorrow is available from the language rocuments of Madras.

For a class analysis of the peasant organisation and to establish the leadership of the poor and landless peasants, the peasantry should be told in clear terms that no fundamental problem of theirs can be solved with the help of any law of this reactionary government. It provides its leadership from the overall standpoint of the revolutionary movement.

They have repeatedly sought guidance from the Communist Party. The political consciousness of the broad masses shall be raised.

Category: Historic Eight Documents (1965-1967)

So it took a new form, introduced a new method of exploitation by giving dollars as gift. As revisionist thinking nestled in the Indian party for a long time, we could not build up a correct revolutionary party. It should be remembered that in the coming era of struggles, the masses will have to be educated through the illegal machinery.

Such movements can show the path to the masses, help them to develop the clarity of outlook, inspire in making sacrifices.

So with the development of the sense of responsibility among the working class and petty bourgeois cadres, they will have to be sent to the villages. Because of this viewpoint they do not analyse the political situation of the entire country. In a country of backward economy, trade in foodstuff and essential commodities is inevitable for the creation of capital, and control creates obstacles in the creation of this capital, and as a result of that, internal conflict takes the form of internal crisis.

Most of Central and Provincial leadership are in jail today.

In a country of backward economy, trade in foodstuff and essential commodities is inevitable for the creation of capital, and control creates obstacles in the creation of this capital, and as a result of that, internal conflict takes the form of internal crisis.


The right leadership of the party which was formed through struggles against revisionism, adopted an ideological dlcuments and declared bluntly that all the criticisms made against the Indian government by the great Chinese Party were wrong.

The main basis of the Indian Revolution is agrarian revolution. Post was not sent – check your documets addresses! The striking power of the Party depends on how far we are able to form these groups in increasing numbers among workers and peasants. But no, this spontaneous movement cannot be prevented even by imprisoning hundreds and thousands of communists and resorting to thousand ways of repression. The working class necessarily admits this right, together with the right to secession. So for the people, the maju,dar resistance movement has appeared as the most important necessity.

Whether the peasants have come forward to collect awns or not is the basis on which we shall judge whether they have been politically roused.

Naxalite Ideology: Charu’s Eight Documents | india | Hindustan Times

N was the convenor. The armed peasants’ mjumdar began in Naxalbadi in West Bengal on March 2, when a tribal youth named Wimal Kesan, who had a judicial order, went to plough his land.

A general mood of distrust of leaderships and cynical indifference to political affairs and developments that a further hurdles are being created. We could not put forward this correct and bold slogan at that time—In the event of the Kerala episode recurring in Bengal, it is armed struggle that would be the only way of overthrowing the government.