Behringer website: “The DSP features a band graphic EQ with a real- time analyzer and an Auto-Q function for automatic room measurement and. I find the DSP operating manual to be one of Behringer’s worst; it took me quite a long time to figure out how to turn on the pink noise. DSP – read user manual online or download in PDF format. Pages in total:

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Just use the preset programming parameters to obtain good sound.

I prefer tubes and power supplies as behrlnger as my fist. Having been using this platform and process since my first version of this EQ DSP — and still in daily service back in and can still clearly remember that feeling of audio euphoria that you described upon listening to your results of AUTO-EQ processing.

I am just getting familiar with this product and have not yet purchased the TRS tip-ring-sleeve plugs that facilitates full usage of this device. It could thus be used strictly as a setup instrument to set an external EQ graphic or parametric for as flat a response as can be achieved with as many bands as the external EQ has available, then removed from the system.

September 7, at Can do most anything in the way of digital eq one could want. It can run RMS or peak, behringed peak hold, and a few other features.

It’s helped me keep tabs on my mixes, especially after listening to a lot dsp802 CD’s through it while watching the display, and has also helped me pinpoint frequencies while EQ’ing.

You can hear the organ growl underneath the guitars! There are variations of measurement and correction of over 16 db on the same frquence!! These settings were then linked to all bands.

I remember being in dsp804 recording studio in the past when I ran one of these through some tweaks and had a real good time with the different parameters. So chalk one up to the inability of the digital signal processing algorithm to handle extreme differences between neighboring bands.


DSP | Equalizers | Signal Processors | Behringer | Categories | MUSIC Tribe

He dps8024 in the sound system, home studio, and now in stereo in my living room He does his job, and he has a nice look! I have found that while the hiss is still there it is masked and once the passage of music has stopped the gate will keep your system hiss free.

August 3, at At this price, we can only recommend it!

In a passage low, the breath takes over and once you have it, you make a fixation So I tinker, test, change Pete, great to hear from you! Continues automatic measurement does not work!! About two months ago, a friend of mine asked me to run sound for a wedding he was playing with his band. behhringer

All user reviews for the Behringer Ultra-Curve Pro DSP8024

What is your advice, what should I behriner USE The use is relatively simple. These plug-ins are based on Bottom line a flat curve for acoustic output is not how sound works naturally. Of course I started by removing the battery momentarily so as to clear all memory and start building my filtering from scratch. I am sure dsp0824 will prove to be a very valuable tool in my system.

And then I turned up the preamp to louder than normal listening volume. Good so far, so good. I have also recently acquired dep8024 from a barter for mixdown services a DSP with the 1. Many memories configuration manual clear but not really useful! August 13, at Name your EQ curve, and you vsp8024 done. I spent about an hour reading and re-reading the manual to find out why every time I pushed the AUTO-Q button, it just came right back without doing anything. The only problem I had was that these units have been sitting on the shelf so long that the lithium battery was nearly dead, requiring me to open the unit to replace it, thus voiding my warranty.


Holy crap; I only did that once. APRS all the amps tubes are used by guitarists as audiophiles And I let as a.

It finally just be my mistake. In fact, I can turn down the digital master EQ output level, turn up the input amplitude, and largely eliminate both begringer hiss and the buzz at the same output amplitude. September 8, at This does not occur on the AVR that detects this and turns off the sound.

The new equalization curve is automatically transferred to the live EQ settings. Further highlights include a peak limiter, an adjustable delay up to 2. Wow, it even makes 80s pop music sound good. Changes in corrections are not to be brutal. Even though the input gain is set for auto, it seemed as though running with pink noise at dB resulted in an EQ curve and master volume set much higher than bypass levels.

August 31, at After a few seconds, the correction curve appears. You may also like. A position of some micro diffrent and you your in a hollow or a bump.

Have Behringer Ultra curve pro 31 band equalizer processor that indicates low battery. Hold the microphone about three feet back from the front of the speaker, focusing it between low and high frequency drivers. Vintage King co-founder Michael Nehra shares some of his love, knowledge, and practical advice for diving into the world of vintage behringger gear, and then takes us behind the scenes for a walk through I haven’t had a single problem I only had to change the battery.

The auto-EQ can behrinyer EQ settings to make your room sound like any desired equalization curve; but why target anything other than flat?