ARMY TM &P* AIR FORCE TO 11W TECHNICAL M68 SIGHT, REFLEX, W/QUICK RELEASE MOUNT AND SIGHT MOUNT M68 Cco Tm Manual Army – p s – scribd TM. CHAPTER I. PRESENTATION. Aimpoint CompM4 Reflex Sight is a rugged precision red dot Sight developed mainly for military and law enforcement. M68 SIGHT, REFLEX, W/QUICK RELEASE MOUNT AND SIGHT MOUNT CLOSE COMBAT OPTIC (CCO) (NSN ) (NSN ).

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Adjustment is centered at the factory. For night vision operations, close front lens cover before turning switch knob clockwise to position 1, 2, 3, or 4.

To provide maximum adjustment, do not adjust screws until sight is mounted.

Hand tighten mounting bolt 2. Operations required periodically to keep an item in proper operating condition; e. Loosely hand tighten bolt. They are part of a kit which is authorized to the maintenance level indicated in the third position of the SMR code. If the pad covers the spring post completely, the sight will not function. If the sight overhangs on one side, turn it around. So where do you start? Ensure that the rubber O-ring is present on the 6-pronged positive connection post.

Technical Manual Close Combat rifle combat optic technical manual operator and field maintenance manual tm p chapter 1: The third cause is the occlusion of the negative connection post by the foam pad.

To determine and cause corrections to be made or to be adjusted on instruments of test, measuring, and diagnostic equipment used in precision measurement. If the spring connector becomes corroded, clean it with a wire brush. A support item that provides the equipment with special protection from electromagnetic pulse EMP damage during a nuclear attack.


The checks are used to find, correct, or report problems. This is necessary since figures are prepared for assembly groups and subassembly groups, and lists ccl divided into the same groups.

For Tactics, Techniques and Procedures Thursday, we are continuing our discussion on optics. The manual itself is divided into five chapters.

If youve taken the time necessary to read this section, and are sure of the location and arrangement of the different sections of this TM, you are ready to begin. If Your Equipment Fails to Operate. Blow through the mesh to remove the water.

Army Publishing Directorate

T, not making good contact. Column 2 – Remarks. When all visible particles of dust and dirt have been removed, moisten a piece of lens paper, then gently wipe over the lens surfaces. Who determines disposition action on unserviceable items. It contains all the information required to ccco the checks and services.

Sight cannot be installed on mount. Red dot does not have to be centered in sight. To spot paint scratched or blistered surfaces. NOTE The following definitions are applicable to the repair maintenance function: The Comp M2 adjustment caps and battery cap have O-rings that keep out moisture.

If you fully understand the arrangement and purpose of this TM, and have taken the time to read through this section, you will have no trouble operating and maintaining the sight dco the manner for which it was designed. Check light for proper intensity before opening front lens cover.


Makes no difference which way the spare battery is inserted. Send us an EIR. Turn m668 knob 4 clockwise and look through rear lens. Learn how your comment data is processed.

It normally consists of inspecting, servicing, lubricating, adjusting, and replacing parts, minor assemblies, and subassemblies. The Comp M4 adjustment caps have straps and battery cap has an O-ring that keep tk moisture. Certain states identify lithium-manganese dioxide batteries as hazardous waste. To prepare and spray color coats of paint so that the ammunition can be identified and protected.

No special procedures required. The process of investigating and detecting the cause of equipment malfunctioning; the act of isolating a fault within a system or Unit Under Test UUT.

WP 00 6 pages Install sight mount 1 on M16A2 rifle handle ttm O-ring 2mounting bolt 3and CClamp 5 with bolt 4. To move point of impact up, turn elevation adjustment screw counterclockwise.

The M68 Close Combat Optic

The lowest level of maintenance authorized to use the ccp or test equipment. When stacked they are approximately the same size and voltage. Unusual cracking, softening, swelling, or breaking of these materials may be a corrosion problem.

Name or identification of the tool or test equipment. Sending units, brackets, filters, and bolts are listed with the component they mount on.