Liminal Cosmogony. «The farther you enter into the truth the more you see that all life flows from the intelligence of one heart.» HOMEPAGE. More. LIMINAL COSMOGONY – Download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. EXCERPT FROM LIMINAL COSMOGONY. “The Central Race is the progenitor of the humanoid race. In effect, they are our future selves.

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The spiritual seekers find religion controlling, and foolish, but those in religion are not even interested in moving beyond that paradigm yet.

This unification is essential to its vibrant survival as well as its ascension pathway as a spiritual force that animates and preserves the knowledge defined by the species.

The audience thus got to see some of the problems that beset this world. Notwithstanding the efficacy of these protocols, there are instances where the discovery of the Grand Portal was successfully suppressed by established institutions that foresaw their ruin or replacement in the dawning of this discovery. There is a reason for those mp3 players; it is to make the music change your DNA less.

The individual is less an artifact of First Source than it is of the species. Feedjit Feedjit Live Blog Stats. The Telescope of Consciousness. It is this entrainment that re-establishes our alignment to the Grand Expansion and restores our access to the higher intelligence where we become the willing impulse of divine will.

Institutions of science, religion, and culture are reformatted to embrace the science of multidimensional realities as their core, guiding frequency.

You will notice in other material, I think from the glossary on www. The teaching of Lyricus is unique and different from other teachings. The human instrument is equipped with a portal that enables it to receive and transmit from and to the higher dimensions that supersede our three-dimensional reality —the reality of everyday life. The intersection of the two axes Planetary and Central Sun is the activation point of the individual.

These include soul carrier health, species continuation planning, ecosystem stability, and harmonization of species in service to a planetary educational system. The breath of the Rising Heart is the practice of breathing from the Central Sun and expressing this breath energy into the planetary grid.


The areas of resistance to the Grand Portal are predictable if not avoidable.

Excerpt from Liminal Cosmogony

In coemogony this, you bring yourself into alignment to the Grand Awakening, as the higher truths are being downloaded to your world. These technologies dramatically alter the way of life on a planetary scale.

This episode of time ilminal known as the Attestation Period, the time when cosmogoyn will rise with full voice and unrestrained reluctance to resist the implications of the Grand Portal because they are aware — dimly as it may be — that massive change undermines their control impulse.

Since these parts are of one larger piece, please read them in order. The species is innately connected to a vast network of related life forms each based on the biogenetic soul carrier archetype of the Central Race specific to its superuniverse.

Liminal Cosmogony

Hardly Christ Like behavior, is it? Christian Zionists who support wars for Israel are in this group. Quite literally they represent what we will evolve into in time and towards in terms of space.

The species as a whole learns how to fuse the soul carrier to its individuated consciousness and operate the soul carrier as an integrated extension of the individuated cosmogoony. The breath of soul is directed by the light body whose seat of intelligence resides at the point of the Rising Heart. They were trying to turn him off, and he liminl aware they were trying to turn him off. Those of you who have asked the Universal Creator or Higher Intelligence to activate your highest purpose; this paper, perhaps, is one of ITS responses.

The purpose is to enjoy and feel each painting as you work with it. Eventtemples Eventtemples Lyricus Wing Makers. It is a time when spiritual leaders and politicians join forces to repel this intricate and complex metaphysical and scientific revelation.

This is because these words are not correct in teaching. These currents pull you, push you, and deliver you to shores of indeterminacy and questionable value.

TV does sometimes show the truth of this world that is an advantage. This new direction in scientific research is hinted at as psychologist and consciousness researcher Dean Radin writes in his book Entangled Minds:. The Rising Heart technique is a system to achieve each of these requirements. Nevertheless, let us speculate further that it is a book of knowledge concerning the origin of the universe that is so subtle and mysterious that it is barely perceptible.


The primary findings of the Grand Portal can be reduced to four fundamental knowledge systems.

I again ask codmogony you do not distribute this on the Internet, and this is because others may copy it incorrectly. My soul carrier embodied my soul in These capabilities and conditions must converge in the species before it is allowed to operate interdimensionally as a collective force.

The Central Sun is the trans-dimensional portal within each galaxy that interconnects all galaxies and dimensions of life therein to the pulsing heartbeat of the Grand Central Sun from whence the primacy of sound and light arise. Is religion fragmented or unified? If it is, the public has no knowledge of it, and it would likely only be used for the military underground bases and the like or on earth based craft. This has been intentional as I have come to learn, or rather experience, that the “new earth” is Additionally, because the universe is in continuous change, the knowledge base continues to grow and expand.

These would include the discourses, cosmology, and activation resources. I hope many learned of good ways to spend their the huge incomes they make, and stop spending it on luxury. This heightened activation technology enables those who have incarnated with specific functions associated with the Grand Portal discovery and its propagation to resist the natural inertia and fear reaction of the establishment.

That would include me. It is the connection between the heart and mind that allows for true creation to occur. It is a time when spiritual leaders and politicians join forces to repel this intricate and complex metaphysical and scientific revelation. Keep that in mind and watch what you allow your kids to both watch and what they listen to.