Undoubtedly the most important wargames book ever published, the von Reisswitz Kriegsspiel rules are unique in that they are rules written by a Prussian . Overly technical rules. The original Kriegsspiel rules for combat are a great piece of history that document real world experience of combat in. Tschischwitz’s version of kriegsspiel was very much like To show these wider deployments, the rules represent.

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Kriegspiel is sometimes used in chess problems.

Another factor affecting march rates was the width of roads, bridges, and archways which might create a bottleneck that would require a unit to change formation in order to pass through at a walk pace. The losses table is divided into columns for closed-rank infantry, tirailleurs, jagers, cavalry, and artillery.

Mathematical formulas were used to calculate combat results, and though many rules were arbitrary, the results that the game provided were considered more realistic than Jane’s.

But what was it that he saw as he kriegsspisl the game? For instance, cavalry can march paces per turn over even ground, but only paces through light woods, and paces up steep hills. B is moving forward.

A map in 1: For instance, do troops receive their instructions via some kind of mental telepathy or do krjegsspiel have to receive instructions from the commander? The game became a permanent fixture of the Kaiser’s residence and became a favourite family pastime.

The Brigade Fortress Publications Inc. The face of each die featured three columns of numbers: But overall, kriegsspiel attracted little attention outside Prussia untilwhen Prussia defeated France in the Franco-Prussian War.


This too foretold the future design conundrums faced by commercial wargame designers – what is the best scale to portray the subject matter?

He devoted long rulse to learning how to play, sucked unwitting friends into the hobby, and indulged in “monster” gaming sessions. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. When rumours of the death of Reisswitz first reached Berlin some of his friends and followers simply could not believe it. The Prussian army had recently begun using highly accurate topographical maps, which were the product of new advances in cartography and printing.

If a unit disappears from the enemy army’s line of sight, the umpire will remove the block from the map and place it on the board. A modern-day rules eules for recreating campaigns of the Napoleonic wars. Reisswitz noted in his introduction to Kriegsspiel how widely results on the drill or practice field could vary from those on the battlefield.

Kdiegsspiel computer wargames have taken advantage of the ability of the computer to handle scores of complex rules and hundreds of units. All he knows is what his Corps commanders tell him in written reports that are delayed.

Umpireless Kriegsspiel | Command Post Games

Krieggsspiel following table prepared by Bill Leeson shows how the Umpire decided which die to use: However, the rules could not prevent a Player-commander from becoming too enmeshed at an inappropriate command level, nor did they require the Umpire to address such issues during the play of a game.

Once one or more of the units come into combat with units of the opposing force, kriebsspiel Umpire was required to return to playing a single turn at a time.

So if a pin in the cavalry column reaches the last dot 60 points of damagethe umpire selects one cavalry block on the map and discards it cavalry blocks have 60 hitpoints. Ultimately, wargames, cloth models or any kind of simulation is only as good as the kind of data that the creator of the simulation feeds into it, and the number of factors the creator has taken into account when working out the mechanics of resolution.


The top number was the number of points lost to fire at to paces; The second number for fire at paces; The third number for paces; and The fourth, bottom number was for fire at paces the latter number represented maximum effective range for infantry. The dimensions of the block reflected the actual dimensions of the troop formation it represented, to the same scale as the map. November 30, at 5: Simple physical combat – hurling marbles at toy soldiers – gave way to rules for logistics, combat and movement to make the game an intellectual challenge.

Kriegsspiel Resources

The apparatus that Reiswitz made for the king was too expensive for mass-production. Before this, the umpire can be more flexible into when he requests instructions from the players, but once kriegssspiel game enters turn-based mode, the umpire must receive and execute orders from the players in turn.

Like many junior officers, Reisswitz the Younger may have made enemies for himself inadvertently.