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Di buku ini, Brand dapat amanat dari saudara-saudara cowoknya untuk “menyuap” mistress adek mereka, si Chance.

She’s a member of the demimonde, known to be a seductress though not really and has made the St. Easy words, not hard to follow but sometimes the author wrote like modern consersation at times.

As a matter of fact, he liked it all to well. In this book, it’s Brandon St. John, pursued a woman with more fer I loved this book, but I love every book I have read by Karen Hawkins! John finally meets his match, albeit reluctantly, in the form of Verena, Lady Wentworth, a widow of dubious reputation in the demimonde.

This was not how this meeting was supposed to go.

Detailed Review Summary of Confessions of a Scoundrel by Karen Hawkins

Nah, gara-gara inilah para St. She and Chase are friends and he proposes to her. Like she should have waited a bit longer until they got to know one another better or something. Brandon and Verena were good leads, and I loved her quirky butler, Herberts!

Those were funny scenes in the book. So Brandon goes over to pay a visit to Lady Verena Westforth. I especially loved the part where Brand got his comeuppance for his behavior when he first met Verena; he was being rather rude at first.

The final scene with the bad guys happened really quickly with minimal explanations, then all the drama was promptly forgotten about and a wedding was planned.


Confessions of a Scoundrel Book Summary and Study Guide

You know what kind of quality you are getting when you get your staff from The Society for Wayward Women’s Servant Referral Service and Herbert was hilarious, as Verena constantly has to remind him that no we don’t pickpocket our guests and no we don’t try on their coats after we remove them.

Sep 29, Sababa rated it really liked it Shelves: Due to that, her reputation has been left in sha I found this book tedious and silly.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Novel ini menceritakan tentang Brandon St. Padahal Verena dan James sama sekali gak tahu menahu tentang xonfessions itu. But with all her books, I know I will be drawn into a good plot that will be filled with wit, romance, and an exciting story line with a mystery that keeps you surprised and amused. The she proceeds to make a mockery of Brandon as she has the check made into a table center piece and has a big party so everybody can see Brandon’s name on the check.

Brandon is the ‘perfect’ one of the bunch — never makes a social mistake, manages his money well, is always perfectly dressed, etc. Scpundrel could not possibly fancy himself in love with this woman. Also, the missing list suddenly became less important to the Home Office for some reason, even though they had been threatening a number of things to retrieve it throughout the book.

Don’t do anything stupid. Johns didn’t know that. The oldest brother was snared in the 1st book of the series. Swap 8 have, 6 want. Preview — Confessions of a Scoundrel by Karen Hawkins.

Kasus misterinya juga ringan dan gak begitu penting–bagi saya–untuk dijadikan fokus cerita. Brandon St John, is one of out five siblings, and as much as he despises it so, he is in possession of the Talisman Ring. Jun 09, Lover of Romance rated it really liked it Shelves: MyaB Apr 25, At almost every step, the author appears to be taking the reader in one expected direction after another, only to veer off down a completely different garden path.


They didn’t even live in the same country as her But is he a needed friend or a foe in alluring disguise…and will she be able to prove to him that love is their true destiny? But, after he offers her a significant bribe, he finds out that she’s alrea Gosh darn it.

And now an extraordinary man has entered her life…at the worst possible time! To view it, click here. Scrope Davies, as that gentleman morosely examined the new crop of eligible females lined up against the wall at Alack’s.

Confessions of a Scoundrel

John, who gawkins to that point had mightily disapproved of scoundrsl and treated her like the “mistress” he believes her to be, in to her bed. That was a relief. Once Brandon gets there, he acknowledges that Verena is attractive in a floosy kind of way, I mean gold hair and violet eyes are common, as well as dangerous curves That said, he shoved the ring into his pocket and made his way to his phaeton. With but one easy step, I could fall into it myself and never look scoundrrl.

Verena itu cerdik loh, pinter mencurangi lawan-lawan main kartunya. You have to read the book just to see his antics. Dia butuh duit dan almarhum suaminya gak meninggalkan duit buat istrinya saat dia mati mendadak dalam kecelakaan berkuda.

Confessions of a Scoundrel (Talisman Ring, #2) by Karen Hawkins

Original review posted at http: He is more than ever content as he is. It had enough of a mystery to keep me interested.

I seem to have two copies of this, not sure why.