Jagdpanther vs SU Eastern Front Duel Author: David R. Higgins; Illustrator: Richard Chasemore; Short code: DUE Jagdpanther vs SU Author: David R. Higgins ISBN: 1 6. Contributor: Andrew Nguyen Review Date: 17 Sep As with all German. However, from page 33 until the end of the book, we leave the discussion specifically of the Jagdpanther and SU, and launch into a military.

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Sapient rated it really liked it Jun 16, Before the war, the Soviet Union was sent a Pz.

Books by David R. Published April 22nd by Osprey Publishing first published January 1st Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

Retrieved 4 October John rated it liked it Sep 12, Development was conducted under supervision of L.

Although its speed and armour protection were comparable, the greater numbers fielded late in the war often proved decisive against an adversary increasingly forced to fight despite inadequate logistics and training. I hate being bs. Stuart Hall rated it liked it Oct 04, Leave this field blank: III chassisand typically more economical both in resources and cost. Return to Book Page. Exported SUs continued in service until the s, and in some countries, even later.

SU vs Jagdpanther – Historical Discussions – Official Forum – World of Tanks Console

Skyvivey marked it as to-read Sep 14, The culmination of big-gun German and Soviet tank destroyer design can be found in their clashes in Hungary in the spring of Len added it Jun 18, Additionally, our hardened steel, whose quality was dropping due to a lack of natural resources, was inferior to the Russians’ hardened steel. Peat marked it as to-read Nov 22, Posted December 29, edited. In game, Sv give the edge to the jagdpanther for gun depression and rate of fire. Plus Russian doctrine called for closing to as close to the enemy as possible.

EVERY thing was made to be cheap. I will have to answer this in a variety of ways. Both vehicles can carry a fair amount of fuel internally, though the Jagdpnther can carry the most but not enough to compensate for range performance of the SU The SU saw extensive service during the last year of the war.


The German Jagdpanther and Soviet SU, both turretless tank destroyer designs based on a ‘traditional’ turret-tank chassis, were the culminating examples of how the vz of experience, resources and time constraints produced vehicles that were well suited for roles of defence and offence, respectively.

This makes it quite peculiar when trying to move the gun around, even though the D is definitely on the same tier of penetration as the KwK 43 though the pointy tips didn’t help with slopes. Jeff rated it liked it Dec 18, The Soviets in turn possessed operational momentum, and were perhaps less concerned with tactical losses, in part as immobilized vehicles could be more easily recovered and reintroduced into combat.

Glad you enjoyed the SU in-game though, I found it pretty fun as well.

Jagdpanther vs SU-100: Eastern Front 1945

Relative to the other nations, they were at least equal to the tank destroyers and assault guns fielded by the other nations, and enjoyed considerable success due to the eventual nature of the war Germany would find themselves in throughout much of WWII; defense.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. I’d lean a bit towards the JP at this point even though the D became the superior gun in the long run, being in my 3 most effective tank guns list 1st being the DT because its caliber became the standard everyone bases themselves on nowadays.

Yeo Soen Ming rated it it was amazing Dec 11, Expensive and hard to upgrade with larger armament owing to the constraints imposed by turret-ring size and suspension, turreted tanks gave way in some contexts to new designs.

MegaB0B0 2 Posted 04 November – John rated it really liked it Aug 15, Also, pure performance, not reliability.


SU is my favorite tank. Matthew, I’d like to introduce you to Wehraboo Bingo.

Jobber added it Sep 19, The Jagdpanther represented a well-balanced solution and an excellent use of limited resources, while the SU was a natural progression of the rudimentary but numerous SU They tested a 30 mm thick section of its armour by firing a 45 mm shell at it.

As World War II in Europe reached its end, armor development and doctrine had experienced several years of massively accelerated change, especially within the crucible of the Eastern Front.

Webarchive template wayback links CS1 maint: Mass production began in September These tanks incorporated turrets 100 of rotating degrees, thus making them expensive and time consuming to produce and maintain. Gorlitskiychief designer of all medium Soviet self-propelled guns.

Review: Jagdpanther vs SU Eastern Front | IPMS/USA Reviews

They’re both very similar firepower, mobility and armor wise the Jagdpanther has a gun with a bit more penetration and comes with APCR while reloading faster too but the Su’s gun deals more damage in case of penetrations the Su accelerates faster and has a slightly higher top speed but its gun takes more time to stabilize during short stops the Jagdpanther has a big more armour to the front but it has a much larger silhouette and is easier to hit, but also has better gun depression.

Reliability was slightly better for the Jagdpanther relative to the Panther, due to the way in which tank destroyers were used, often in a rather immobile or “dug in” fashion, and ssu general did not suffer as much “wear-and-tear”. Mw rated it it was ok Aug 01, V be jagdppanther to see what the book has to say, perhaps when you get it you could share its conclusion with us?

Trivia About Jagdpanther vs SU