Intecont Tersus – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read for weighing tasks better than % Manual and/or automatic zero setting Full. The INTECONT Tersus weighing elec- tronics is specially tion module, INTECONT Tersus optimally fits into any Manual and/or automatic zero setting. processes, the INTECONT Tersus meas- uring, control, and supervisory module, INTECONT Tersus optimally fits into any Manual and automatic zero setting.

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It only makes sense with major belt load fluctuations and simple weighing mechanisms.

Calibration Calibration of the pick-up input is not necessary. Instead, the measured belt load is used before changing over.

Important features at a glance Compact evaluation electronics for continuous measurement systems Colour, high-resolution Manul Ergonomic operating elements arranged by function Multilingual capabilities provided by the operating languages available. Once the work is finished, they are to be applied in reverse order. Analyze any event messages that may appear and rectify the fault.


The lower half of the display is used for various visualizations: When performing installation, commissioning and service work, observe all applicable local regulations. All calibration and evaluation data are important and must be entered exactly. The value must approximately correspond to the information in the data sheet. In other respects the protection classes of the housing must be observed.


The display format corresponds to Counter 1 Ingecont.

Actual Flow Rate analog 3 s P XC1 DeviceNet module front viewFig. Power Failure A P The scale has to run in volumetric operation. The batch protocol can only be printed after completing the batch. The control or readjustment can take place using two different me-thods.

Manual Intecont Tersus

Hidden parameters can only be shown with the EasyServe service software and they can also be cleared there for the dis-play on the unit wherever necessary. That means that changing over is jerk-free.

On vertically-installed load cells, the effective angle equals 0. Intecont Tersus Schenck Calibration Manual pdf The value can be analyzed as per item b. Follow all instructions to prevent this from occurring.

It contains all important nominal and calibration data acc. Interrupt entry, continue with previous setpoint Delete symbols incorrectly keyed in Intscont and interrupting Start the batch and the conveying process begins Interrupting a batch The batch is continued with the next start command.

It can be integrated in the control panel or is available with a glass fibre reinforced plastic wall-mounted housing for on-site installation. Setpoint and switching-in source changeover VWF The sources are preselected with parameters in the Control Sources group.


Then it shows the new setting for a couple of seconds as Current Time.

Manual Intecont Tersus

Furthermore they may also cause considerable disruption to weigh operations. Zero setting The zero point fault of the belt weigher comes from soiling that adheres permanently or from other con-stant factors. To simplify kntecont, the new product has the same housing width and height as its predecessor and the arrangement of connections for power supply, load cells and speed sensor has also been retained.

The effective load is always the applied weight QP. It can be printed out with the Batch Record function or automatically after every finished batch P INTECONT Tersus is a measuring and measurement processing system of continuous weighing and feeding equipment for weighfeeders conveyor belt scales differential feeding scales Coriolis mass flow equipment and solids flow equipment.

Notice is given automatically. Namur Error Tacho A P It is advanta-geous to measure multiple times and to take the mean value of these measurements h1, h2, as the val-ue ‘h’.