HAMZIYA OF IMAM BUSIRI. Translated and commented by Jafar COUPLET FORTY ONE “شق عن قلبه وأخرج منه مضغة عند غسله سوداء” TRANSLATION. “His heart. Busiri, the original composer of Kasidatul Burdah in Arabic and the Swahili . al- Burdah). al-Qasidah Hamziyyah is also referred to as Hamziya fi’l Madaih. Biography of Imam Al-Busiri Al-Būṣīrī ‘s full name is Muḥammad b. Saʿīd b. Ḥammād b. Muḥsin b. Abū Surūr b. Ḥibbān b. ʿAbdullah b.

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This poem decorated Al-Masjid al-Nabawi the mosque of Muhammad in Medina for centuries but was erased but for two lines. Views Read Edit View history.

Continues and repeated acts of worship will then bring forth the fruit of protection against heedlessness and forgetfulness, so that, the person will become a true servant of Allah. By continuing to use this buxiri, you agree to their use.

Biography of Imam Al-Busiri

You are commenting using your Facebook account. The Night of Birth in which You were born became the happiest and the most important day for the Deen. There is no doubt that, when divine love and support find itself in the heart of a person, there will be an automatic response by every organs of His body, which will then busy and competing itself with worshiping Allah.

Narrators wiii oniy teii you the iittie they know, but to the actuai quantification of the secrets that, Aiiah piaced in the heart of our prophet SaiiaAiiahu Aiaihi Wa SaiiamNo one knows but Aiiah. Islamic poetry Sufi literature Panegyrics Medieval Arabic poems. This means that, the beioved prophet SaiiaAiiahu Aiaihi wa Saiiamwas protected throughout His biessed iife since chiidhood tiii He physicaiiy ieftthe worid from any kind of disdainfui attitude that do occur with chiidren due to the kind of personaiity Aiiah aiready destined for Him.


I had told no one about what had happened. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

He approached the beioved prophet and said, and said Transiation: The poem has had a unique history cf.

Here we are been told about hamiya aftermath of the operation, where Angel Jibriel Alayhi Salam with the command of Allah, sealed the Blessed heart of our dear prophet SallaAllahu Alaihi wa Sallam with diverse form of secrets which no heart can contain and the knowledge of the past, present and the future, which no one can recount except Allah alone.

Email or Phone Password Forgot bjsiri Different biographers present slightly different versions of his life although certain facts are agreed upon by all. Then he recited the first verse and said: Your Exalted qualities did appear to Existence Creation from an exalted Father and whose busiiri also possess greatness.

Qasida Hamziyya by Busiri (partial)

This page was last edited on 23 Mayat This state will then bring forth unconditional divine love so that, every organs inside his body will busy itself with worship.

He said to that priest, Transiation: They claim that when he would walk down the street, the young and old would come out to greet him and kiss his hand. Up to the present time its verses are used as amulets ; it is employed in the lamentations for the dead; it has been frequently edited and made the basis for other poems, and new poems have been made by interpolating four or six lines after each line of the original.


Early on in his career, he wrote a number satire poems that revealed his feelings about being ridiculed. In addition, he had a large family and was driven to compose poems in praise of the princes and viziers. Angel Jibriel sealed it the heart with His right hand and verily it was filled with what Narrators Can not recount.

Al-Burda – Wikipedia

The Trans-Saharan Book Trade: He was also concerned with correcting what he held to be mistakes in the Hebrew Bible that told stories of the prophets and of their sins. The guidance which falls into the heart are the divine support that bend the heart of a servant towards Allah and erases anything other than Allah, and when this happens the servant will not turn towards anything except that, the thing in question will get him closer to Allah and will not depend on anyone but Allah.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

It is memorized and recited in congregations, and its verses decorate the walls of public buildings and mosques. Articles with improper non-free content from March All articles with improper non-free content Articles containing Arabic-language text.

Some of his colleagues at work were Jewish and Christian and he was known to engage in fiery debates with them. This article about an Egyptian poet is a stub.

You are commenting using your WordPress. The 10 chapters of the Burda comprise:.