This page lists all official, published magical styles. Code Snippet: 4) [8]; The Onyx Path (GURPS Thaumatology: Magical Styles, p. 34) [12]. So, yesterday I reviewed GURPS Magic, the fundamental tome for GURPS. Besides that book, Magical Styles is a critical expansion that adds. GURPS Thaumatology: Magical Styles (PDF Version) [RPG Item Version Link]. [ What Links Here]. Front Page | Welcome | Contact | Privacy Policy | Terms of.

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Just as often, though, such groups represent thaumatilogy distinct sects with unique magical methods, known as magical arts or styles.

If you wish to use them in other genre or use spells from other Sorcery files in a Supers game and wish to do the book keeping you must manually change the power modifier.

Academy, fraternity, guild, order, school, society. The organization of the book is spot-on, and the order of content makes total jagical. The write-ups are thorough and definitely include enough detail to make sense of them, each including at least a paragraph of descriptive and prescriptive text. Grimoire Small — Mon Dec 01, They are alphabetized so finding one you know the name gups isn’t hard; the problem is finding a perk for a particular application, and sometimes the mechanical benefits aren’t exactly transparent from the names.

Work In Progress: Delving into GURPS Magical Styles

From here, we can work out some alternative prerequisites, skills that suit the feel of the style, and add in some perks that suit as well. The list is a bit difficult to navigate because there are a lot of perks, but that’s really a small problem.

Magical Styles before I actually had Thaumatology proper. It left me scratching my head a bit, but it also fired my imagination with ways to use the default magic system in new ways sytles made more sense to me than the sometimes arbitrary system of prerequisites that come standard.


Most of what I have done here is to trim that material and add a few new traits. Ritual Path Magic — Thu Apr 10, There also isn’t very much in the way of new rules here, it’s more of a structuring of rules that already exist.

There are certainly other spells that this sort of wizard might want, but this is a robust and useful tool-set with a focus on the astral plane. Ritual Wizard — Sat Dec 01, The new spells from the article are all given the Super Sorcery modifier. Includes the new spells and power modifier from Pyramid 3 Cinematic Magic. I use this netbook often! Email required Address never made public.

GCA Repository

The one complaint I have, which everyone that knows me can probably guess by now is that the guidance for creating a new secret spell feels way too lax, “make it powerful, but try to keep it balanced, but try not to make it too balanced, otherwise it isn’t a great secret” is just about the dictionary definition of wishy-washy.

Practical tools for restructuring colleges and prerequisites.

Notify me of new comments via email. This file removes the spell prerequisites.

I will likely do some more work on it to support a Mana Reserve Attribute that can be displayed with Phoenix. In conclusion, this book is not an absolute essential, but it is a fun way to dress up magic if you find the basic system tyaumatology have enough flavor, or find that your players are drowning in options.

A file for the Thaumatology Sorcery manual.

Magical Styles – GURPS Repository

Magical Styles aims to bring this richness to your fantasy worlds. For everyone else, the perk list is also pretty useful. Surf our site for the files you want. Having so many perks to choose from that you have to spend time looking at them carefully though is definitely not a bad problem to have.

Thaumatology Sorcery — Thu Aug 10, As a special note, some of the asides in this chapter are especially useful if you want to consider using the ideas presented here for other magic systems. After this, there is a discussion on how to make a spell list that is long enough, but not too long, with some thoughtful advice on making what sounds like a laborious task not sound so bad.


The next section goes into prerequisite spells and has some helpful tools for rooting out and determining fundamentals depending on your requirements, like tables of spells that have low barrier to entry, and guides for setting up dependency trees for spell learning order. The spells in this file are likely to be useful in many other campaign types. Two cautions with these files: Subjectively, I think it’s a really good list of perks with some adding some setting nuance, and some being really cheap game changers.

It does not include the lenses for Monster Hunters or Action. All packages are shown by default, add filtering terms only if you wish to narrow the list of shown packages.

Pirates and Swashbucklers — Featuring a magical style based on pirate mayhem, with three secret spells!

Work In Progress: Delving into GURPS Magical Styles | GURPSing

To find out more, including stgles to control cookies, see here: A college-by-college look at the basics taught to beginning wizards, complete with handy spell lists. You are commenting using your WordPress. Art is on-point and feels stylistically appropriate and magicwl to the content, and the pull-quotes are all entertaining.

There is little in terms of fluff, though the sample style includes some. Removes spell, charm, and magic related changes from the Power-Ups 2: So I set out to begin creating a Spiritualist style using the rules presented in Magical Styles, and begin by mining the Necromancy spell list for a core of tools:.