Gods and Generals has ratings and reviews. Ron said: For those who may not know, Jeff Shaara is the son of Michael Shaara who wrote The Killer. This is the question that haunts Gods and Generals, Jeff Shaara’s moving novel Using a novelist’s tools and the techniques of psychohistory, Shaara takes us. The New York Times bestselling prequel to the Pulitzer Prize–winning classic The Killer Angels In this brilliantly written epic novel, Jeff.

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Arms and Equipment of the Civil War. The Good The narration style can be summed up initially with one word: He easily could have written something that was just a weak attempt at copying at what his father had done, but he really does live up to his father’s legacy.

Gods and Generals (Civil War Trilogy , book 1) by Jeff Shaara

They end up fighting major battles like First and Second Manassas, Antietam, Fredericksburg, and finally Chancellorsville. While I’m sure that was true of some, Sharra portrays the Southern Generals as fighting for their homeland, for their families, and as unwilling to turn When my history professor gave me a list of books to choose from to read for his Civil War class, I chose this one on impulse.

Part III opens the same morning with Lee surveying the terrain and speculating on the battle to come. May 13, Pages.

Shaara shares with the reader, through excellent characterization and dialogue why the Civil war was so important to these men. Read it Forward Read it shaarx. Some friendships are strained because of the war, and some friendships begin. Kuz and Bradley P. The main characters are Robert E.


After reading Gods and Generalsdo the same.

Not just anyone could have done that. Without looking into it, I believe the author is pretty much a confederate apologist. There was a movie made based on the book, and now I want to see the movie. This is the first book by either of the Shaaras that I have read, and I gpds read another.

I wonder if he would say that now. LitFlash The eBooks you want at the lowest prices. A native of New Jersey, Michael Shaara grew to be an adventurous young man: Apart from that, just stick to what’s good – “The Killer Angels”. I lost track of how many generals had been in command and had to look it up.

At generas end of the book, Robert E. Their rationales in fighting for their causes are as varied as their personalities are, yet it is exactly this variation that keeps things fresh when battle scenes break down into rapid confusion as armies clash.

All of the characters are not very happy doing their jobs either in the Army or teaching. Part I spans the period from November through June l I always learn a lot when I read historical fiction. In the end, these books are so important for us to wrestle with the fact that in war, there can be heroes and villains on both sides, even if we clearly and rightly see one side as fighting for the right overall reason and one side fighting for the wrong overall reason.

I’m going to quote the words of Jason Mraz and say: Views Read Edit View history. Jan 03, Riley Feldmann rated it it was amazing. VirginiaUnited States. How does history regard anc in later wars hods as World War II and Vietnam who “just followed orders”? Still the book is an acceptable prequal to the “Killer Angels” if you The author’s father was named Michael Jefd and wrote snd Killer Angels” which was a Pulitzer Prize winning novel that was made into the movie “Gettysburg”.

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Battle Cry of Freedom.

But the discrepancy between the troops is growing, barely 25, exhausted and underfed Confederates facing an ahaara of nearly one hundred twenty thousand, many of whom have not yet seen action. Hancock welcomes the opportunity to be a fighting soldier at last.

Gods and Generals

It is that bankruptcy in treatment that makes Jeff Shaara’s Gods and Generals such a xhaara For a conflict that irrevocably changed the fate of the United States as we know it today, the Civil War is often stuck in the back of society’s mind outside of an abnormally tall hat and some sort of “Proclamation”.

It did answer any questions in my mind in a colorful, non-textbook way. I enjoyed reading Gods and Generals by Jeff Shaara. In December, just before the battle, Jackson learns that his wife has borne a daughter, “You did not take her from me, Thank You,” he prays.