Documents Similar To Maharaj to Mahan Tantric. Yoga for Depression. Uploaded by. AWGP Youthcell MP. Castaneda Controversy-Michael Harner’s Reply. From Maharaj to Mahan Tantric: The Construction of Yogi Bhajan’s Kundalini Yoga by Philip Deslippe (). From Maharaj to Mahan Tantric. Who will be crowned the next Mahan Tantric to succeed Yogi Bhajan? at Santa Barbara in “From Maharaj to Mahan Tantric.

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The camera crew stayed with YB.

From Maharaj to Mahan Tantric: The Construction of Yogi Bhajan’s Kundalini Yoga

He might do in the future. Maybe others can say. The challenging ritual moment for the initiates is when they must say Wahe Guru Ji ka Khalsa Wahe Guru Mqhan Ki Fateh, 5 times in a row, pretty fast, coordinated with each step of the initiation.

Bah humbug, I say From: Mabaraja Bhajan then said that the title Siri Singh Sahib has been thrust upon him although he did not deserve it, and he credited Mahinder Singh with all the honors he is supposed to have received from Akal Takhat. That’s why they stayed. Virsa Singh was a big thing in the beginning.

Kundalini Yoga is not ancient. I just know that I will learn lots of stuff I don’t presently know. They lived in tents.

The Wacko World of Yogi Bhajan • View topic – From Maharaj to Mahan Tantric by Philip Deslippe

Perhaps this lady Nirlep Kaur, who was one of YB’s main enemies, had something to do with it. Unfortunately maharaia politics, particular Indian politcs is not my field.


Virsa Singh, according to one source, spoke to the 80 yogis and explained to them that he never taught yoga, that yoga has nothing to do with Sikhi. And when at some time my people got injured in the Punjab Anyone remember anything about this?

She apparently donated the land for Gobind Sadan to Virsa Singh. There are a lot of those. As I remember, it was on a Sunday afternoon. Mahab Singh knew immediately and reprimanded him, making him water the plants at Gobind Sadan for some weeks after as a penance for having denied the plants their water from the rain.

UC Santa Barbara

Yogi Bhajan changed his story from washing floors for Virsa Singh and receiving an enlightening experience from Virsa Singh to washing floors at Darbar Sahib, the Golden Temple.

The yogis wore white Punjabi clothes, traveling to one Gurdwara after another, singing kirtan mantra chanting and they were told not to talk about yoga.

My friend told me that the guy said: They had never seen a white Sikh. Larry was sent to D. I jokingly said to Yogi Bhajan that Nirlep Kaur and he are chips off the old block, Virsa Singh – and it is quite probable that she has managed to please the unpredictable Akali leaders more than he could do.

This is my understanding of the events – but it is certainly third hand. The author also cites YBer media and YB lectures, which he has obviously poured over very hard and annoying work. White clothes came from Virsa Singh. RoseLotus1 Apr Hi Antion, I am posting the Virsa Singh part of the interview I did with you Fall over a decade ago, mercy, mercy and I have a new couple questions for you after that!


He has confined his material influence only to Hukam Singh, Gurcharan Singh Taura and Mahinder Singh, while she has probably won over all the rest. We believe the number was probably 6 or 7 who remained faithful to YB. This was huge theater.

Can’t wait to hear what everyone says about this amazing academic effort! There were hundreds of people there. Trilochan Singh’s though less shocked.

When Punjabi people approached them they were told to say, “Naam Japo! He also said that he journeyed all over India looking for a teacher and met many saints including Sai Baba. What I want to say is that probably only maybe 10 or 12 students were “with” YB at the end of the trip – even thought they all came back on the same plane.

All it gave me was five minutes of death.

The arrest followed a complaint lodged in the court by a Delhi citizen, Mr Amarjit Singh. He appeared before the magistrate at yantric latter’s residence last night, and moved a bail maharsja. The 3HO group felt threatened and endangered. Basically he uses all the standard methods of academic analysis to prove that YBism is based on lies.

Mon Dec 31, 8: And in the middle of them, also with his arms around the shoulders of the people next to him and kicking up his legs was