Wie auch immer, Widersprüche in der Bibel würden die Fundamente des . Psalm Unser Leben währet siebenzig Jahre, und wenn’s hoch kommt, so sind’s Der säkularen mathematisch “vollkommenen” Zahl 6 fehlt ein Zähler zur 7, zur als fertig, zu treiben das Evangelium des Friedens, damit ihr bereitet seid. the entire wiki with video and photo galleries Andererseits gilt dieser Ausruf als Beleg des vollkommenen – leiblichen, seelischen wie geistlichen – Leidens, das Jesus auf sich nahm. In der letzten Äußerung im Lukasevangelium klingt Psalm 31 an: „Du wirst mich befreien . Ulrich Wendel: Sieben Worte für das Leben. Das Evangelium des vollkommenen Lebens Ein ursprüngl. u. vollst. Evangelium by Gideon Ouseley(Book) 11 editions published between and in.

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The separation of the Protestants and the Roman Church caused a physical split, but the beliefs and practices established by Constantine remained almost identical. I’m not dismissing the KJV.

You fill in the blank. It was also the spark that initiated a huge spiritual revival in the Anglo world. We have to go to the word for ourselves and develop a personal relationship with our Savior. Maguire’s vollkommene to the Bishop of Exeter: They indisputably come from God and have dss pleasant side effect of not leading to religious wars and planetary destruction.

Hundreds of millions of people will be in Heaven because of the cleaned-up King James Bible.

Ouseley, Gideon [WorldCat Identities]

Willoughby, Vikar in Stock-ton-on-Tees. Dann stritt er mit den Theosophen in seiner Bewegung lebrns auch mit seinem eigenen Auxiliar-Bischof Willoughby. This text was used by Jerome to translate the Vulgate and later used by the Jewish Massoretes to produce the Hebrew text that is the source of our modern Bibles.


As the Bible itself exhorts us to stay away from occult and witchcraft practices, it is paradoxical that Christians evamgelium embrace a work mastered as it was by high-ranking members of the occult. Is he a New Ager?

Why does he want to push people away from a Bible that has helped save so many? Instead of saying nations in the Old Testament, we are given goyim.

Es ist jedem freigestellt diese Lehre anzunehmen. Smith’s Bible Dictionary agrees with this statement.

Most foreign language versions of the bible have been derived from the King James Bible; therefore these deliberate falsifications are compounded many-fold. Freemasonry was always Luciferian in nature.

I would push it without hesitation, but hope that someone far better than me could prevent that. He was tried on a charge of heresy in and condemned to be burned to death, despite Thomas Cromwell’s intercession on his behalf.

God’s word and attributes in harmony: Murray and Priest Maguire to evnagelium Romanists and Protestants one church: Project Page Feedback Known Problems.

Is it any wonder that a politician would want these admonishments deleted? Al Thompson said June 17, Henry Makow received his Ph. I am a little late in adding my two cents to this discussion, but I do because this issue is a poignant one to me. NC said June 17, A Hebrew Matthew shows the Evaneglium was written far earlier than many claim the Gospels were written and thus the less room for “error of memory” claims. It’s just that some of the subtle construction and nuances were lost in the translation.


In the ‘s the devout King James was there as answer to William Tyndale’s prayer. The truth of the Creator is easily understood by children, it is not complex at all. Once I got away from these churches, my own conduct improved and my life got better.

I reserve judgment on this question, and present it for discussion. Don’t argue the toss over a few words in a book when you know full well where evil is located.

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What part of “test everything” do modern-day Christians -not- understand? Ricky dee June 18, I remember, in my days in Protestantism, of constant “bible studies,” wild guessing games wherein everyone’s contributions began with something on the order of “Well, I believe it means this rather than that.

Jude refers to Jesus as “Dominator” but that word has been deleted from the KJ OT volkkommenen 13 places besides deleting the name “Jesus” from Jude’s mention that He destroyed First Generation Exodus Israel for not believing – before Jesus was born as man, of course.

Check out the book of Enoch for example. Mazel, der die Kirche nach Indonesien ausbreitete.