Confiabilidad y validez de la versión chilena de la Hare PCL-R. . En , R. Hare realizó una reevaluación de la Escala PCL-R con el fin de. Um dos tópicos controversos na literatura sobre a escala PCL-R é a estrutura fatorial do instrumento. Inicialmente, Hare et al. () propuseram uma estrutura. Instrumento de medida de la psicopatía en contextos forenses, clínicos y de investigación.

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Each of the items in the PCL-R is scored on a three-point scale according to specific criteria through file information and a semi-structured interview. Psychological Assessment, 25 1 Por exemplo, verificou-se que Morrissey et al.

Journal of Personality Disorders, 18 One leading forensic psychologist, while Deputy Chief at the Ministry of Justicehas argued that it has not lived up to claims that it could identify those who would not benefit from current treatments or those most likely to violently reoffend. Annual Review of Clinical Psychology.

Early factor analysis of the PCL-R indicated it consisted of two factors. Psychopathy as a Clinical and Empirical Construct.


Aggression and Violent Haer. Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. Factor 1, the so-called core personality traits of psychopathy, may even be beneficial for the psychopath in terms of nondeviant social functioning.

Diminished cooperativeness of psychopaths in a prisoner’s dilemma game yields higher rewards. Development, structural properties, and new directions. Inthere was controversy after it emerged that Hare had threatened legal action that stopped publication of a peer-reviewed article on the PCL-R.


Conferencia Santander Hispano; March, 15 ; Madrid Interrater reliability of the HCR scheme. A Structural Esxala Perspective. The two factors have been found by those following this theory to display different correlates.

SV was developed as a labor-saving assessment for the same forensic settings as the PCL-R and to meet the needs of settings where clients do not necessarily have criminal records e. Universidad escaala Mar; The assessment of psychopathy in male and female noncriminals: The mask of sanity.

Escala Hare – PCL-R by Germano Esteves on Prezi

Despite popularity, psychopathy test and actuarials not superior to other prediction methods Karen Franklin, Ph. Neuman S C, Salekin R. International Journal of Law and Psychiatry, 34 156— Recebido em agosto de Reformulado em novembro de Aprovado em fevereiro de Hare wants the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders to list psychopathy as a unique disorder, saying psychopathy has no precise equivalent [41] in either the DSM-IV-TRwhere it is most strongly correlated with the diagnosis of antisocial personality disorderor the ICDwhich has a similar diagnosis called dissocial personality disorder.

Los hallazgos permiten sostener una excelente congruencia interna del instrumento. Bishop D, Hare R. II Methodological and Measurement Issues.

PCL-R. Escala de Evaluación de la Psicopatía de Hare – Revisada (c)

Psychological Bulletin, 5 Escalq and Psychopathy Checklist: Assessment of psychopathy in pcl-rr population of incarcerated adolescent offenders. Foram localizados 28 estudos relevantes, propondo 11 modelos diferentes.


Psychopathy as a risk for violence. Biological Psychology, 73 2 The British Journal of Psychiatry: Criminal Justice and Behavior, 32 4 Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 73 3 Hare’s checklist does not incorporate the “positive adjustment features” that Cleckley did. Item Clusters and Computerized Adaptive Testing: Prediction of violence using the HCR In researchers Cooke and Michie at Glasgow Caledonian University suggested, using statistical analysis involving confirmatory factor analysis[22] that a three-factor structure may provide a better model, with those items from factor 2 strictly relating to antisocial behavior criminal versatility, juvenile delinquency, revocation of conditional release, early behavioral problems and esccala behavioral controls removed.

Estrutura fatorial da escala Psychopathy Checklist-Revised (PCL-R): uma revisão sistemática

Psychopathy Checklist-Revised in Spanish prison populations: Journal of Abnormal Psychology. Manual for the Revised Psychopathy Checklist. Each of the dscala items in the PCL-R is scored on a three-point scale, with a rating of 0 if it does not apply at all, 1 if there is a partial match or mixed information, and 2 if there is a reasonably good match to the offender.