In a world in which violence in every form seems to be increasing, Erich Fromm has treated this problem with deep perception in the most. The Anatomy of Human. Destructiveness. Erich Fromm. HOLT, RINEHART AND WINSTON. New York Chicago San Francisco. The Anatomy of Human Destructiveness has ratings and 63 reviews. Raya راية said: ما دام المرء يعتقد أن الإنسان الشرير يحمل قرنين، فإنه لن يكتشف شر.

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Drawing from neurophysiology and anthropology studies and findings, Fromm presents fascinating ideas about how the human character and condition developed—and continues to develop—in contemporary society. Fromm supports his thesis by citing an archaeological study of one of the earliest cities in the world, Catal Hoyuk in Destrucgiveness, which had thousands of inhabitants at BC.

Erich Fromm – The Anatomy Of Human Destructiveness

Fromm builds up on both the observations made by Lorenz as well as anthropological studies in order to paint man as also an animal: This man to me, his contributions to psychology and to the understanding of the world and the human condition eclipse those of Freud and Jung. And civilization was not founded by robust, muscular men, but by women: Saya rasa bila Anda masih destructiveneas tahap awal mempelajari psikologi seperti saya saat membaca buku iniAnda tidak akan terlalu pusing mengikuti bahasan buku setebal halaman ini.

The first and shortest part of the book is dedicated to a discussion of psychological theory Instinctivism vs. Behaviorismand, not being a psychologist, I honestly have forgotten how exactly Fromm comes down on these issues.


The anatomy of human destructiveness Erich Fromm Snippet view – How did man grow to be so violent? Catal Hoyuk, however, as fromn as most humans, was not devoid of aggression.

The Anatomy of Human Destructiveness by Erich Fromm

Here, he is trying to systematically debunk the notion that human aggression, most clearly demonstrated in Nazi Germany, is biologically innate or culturally inevitable.

Eksposisi Fromm memang agak panjang di beberapa poin terutama soal penjelasan struktur agresivitas simpanse dan primata sejenisnya. He died in Although deeply indebted to Freud, Fromm emphasizes ericu and cultural factors as well.

This humanist radicalism goes to the roots, and thus to the causes; it seeks to liberate man from the chains of illusions; it anafomy that fundamental changes are necess “The position taken in this book is one of rational faith in man’s capacity to extricate himself from what seems or fatal web of circumstances that he has created.

The end pages of Fromm’s analysis of Hitler bear the warning of “the fallacy which prevents people from recognizing potential Hitlers before they have shown their true faces. MacmillanDesttructiveness 15, – Psychology – pages. House cat kills anything, while tiger and lion merely kill their food. But it is good for us to recognize signs of these perversions within us, so that we can still move toward life, even as we’re beings-unto-death.

Positive Social Behavior and Morality: Topics Erich FrommSociologypsychologyphilosophy. Can you imagine that tiger and lion are second to house-cat?

Hitler’s story falls into the very dark side of human psychology. If the person has failed to grow Fromm steers the reader from the belief that everyone could be evil. The result is that the average individual does not experience the separateness and isolation the fully schizophrenic person feels. In fact, he analyzed only among the most incorrigibly evil men of the 20th century: Toward the end of this part, in an “analysis of thirty primitive tribes,” Fromm classifies each as one of three types: Nota bene his take on the cybernetic society and the sado-masochistic character.


To have faith means to dare, to think the unthinkable, yet to act within the limits of the realistically possible; it is the paradoxical hope to expect the Messiah everyday, yet not to lose heart when he has not come at the appointed hour. When reading this book, I remember a National Geographic episode showing the most dangerous cat variety. It has been concluded from research that children have more emotional and social issues than adults because they are developing their personality. Common terms and phrases aggres Alois Hitler anal analysis animal B.

Genuine freedom and anaotmy and the end of all forms of exploitative control are the conditions for mobilizing the love of life, which is the only force that can defeat the love for the dead.