Editorial Reviews. Review. “The best in romantic fiction!” –Rendezvous From the Paperback Enslaved – Kindle edition by Virginia Henley. Romance Kindle. Read Enslaved by Virginia Henley by Virginia Henley by Virginia Henley for free with a 30 day free trial. Read eBook on the web, iPad, iPhone and Android. Enslaved by Virginia Henley – book cover, description, publication history.

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Did Enwlaved enjoy this book? They start having the sexings. It is here that Marcus’ brother, Petrius, kills his father and has Diana blamed. The story begins with the heroine about to masturbate.

Detailed Review Summary of Enslaved by Virginia Henley

Besides the historical anachronisms that were rampant in both time periods depicted, the love story itself was pure cheddar cheese and the characters were flat as cardboard. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads ensaved.

Enslaved by Virginia Henley. When Diana is returned to her time she wnslaved to convince those around her that she had, in fact, been back in roman times.

Enslaved – Virginia Henley – Google Books

Unbeknownst to Diana, she has time travel back to Aquae Sulis and is now a prisoner and slave of the general where he believes her to be a spy. Virginia Henley is a New York Times bestselling writer of historical novels. Review “The best in romantic fiction!

She the innocent who discovers her womanly powers and he the dominant alpha male intent on mastering and possessing her rebellious spirit.

But after much dithering about writing the review I’ve realised that it’s just a book and while the story no longer works for me, there are lots more out there. The parallels between Marcus and Mark Hardwick, the earl, really turned me off. She and Marcus are betrayed in the past She decides its a good idea to place an antique Roman helmet on her head. Her relatives have declared her dead and taken her money and are none too pleased to have her return.


Oh and it didn’t hurt that the hero, a Roman, had me envisioning Gerard Butlerya know ish: Flowing text, Original pages. Her greedy guardians try to trick her into marrying the man of their choice a good looking but evil man so they can split her inheritance before she reaches the legal age of eighteen.

Marcus Magnus was powerful, arrogant, and infuriating.

Enslaved Book Summary and Study Guide

It is there, at the most terrifying moment of her life, that she is brought back to her own time in England and comes face to face with the man she loved in 61AD, who has now taken the form of Mark Hardwick, Earl of Bath. Diana lives in eighteenth century London.

I found myself wondering if Diana was perhaps experiences a Dorothy Gale moment and wasn’t actually transported back in time but rather having a delirious hallucination.

Start reading Enslaved on your Kindle in under a minute. As I stated above, the first part of the story was interesting. Preview — Enslaved by Virginia Henley. It’s a TT story. Where are all the real men? King George is mad and Prinny is just waiting for the Regency bill to be passed. Then the heroine is transported to Ancient Rome and the story slows down considerably.

I know the way bisexuality is handled in this book is also bound to upset people, but I’m afraid that was par for the course in many vintage historical romance novels. Oct 26, Yuzai rated it it was amazing Shelves: They moved to America, and now they live most of the year in St.


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If you like historical romance you will love this. Apparently she had been missing for months. More by Virginia Henley See more.

At least the writing style was competent. Marry or take the vows of a nun. While perusing an antique shop, she tries on an ancient Roman helmet that was excavated in the town. Sort of reincarnation meets time travel or soulmates connected over multiple lifetimes. It cirginia me holding my breath.

Read more Read less. LitFlash The eBooks you want at the lowest prices. InVirginia married Arthur Henley. Captain Shane Hawkhurst knew how to command, how to subdue and ravage an enemy, but ensslaved he prepared to be caught in passion’s merciless snare by a fiery beauty who ruled his heart and inflamed his senses?

When he recognizes her light hair and pale skin as strangely beautiful, he takes her as his personal consort. enslaveed

For more info about what this is, click here. Virginia Henley is one of those authors who shows up on a lot of “best of” historical romance lists, heley I’d never actually read any of her work. The only part I wasn’t thrilled with was the ending. Enslaved Book Summary and Study Guide. The historical detail for both ages is rich and the descriptions wonderful in fact, I think the life and times of the people more than the adventure kept me engaged.

Also by Virginia Henley.

There was banter, intrigue, violence and some steam heated lovin. The story was compelling enough that I had to finish it.