Energy-Karezza has 4 ratings and 0 reviews. Dr. Bass describes the 3 stages of sex, and shows why standard sex (that most Americans practice), is only th. You recently wrote the book “Energy-Karezza – How to Make Every Wife In Natural Hygiene, doctors (many of them MDs) advocated Karezza already in the . Karezza encourages sexual partners to be as relaxed as possible, and to take deep breaths to relax when feelings of intense energy surge.

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But Karezza required no specialized energy work. During the reading, I couldn’t stop thinking that this is really similar to Tantric way of lovemaking.

What Is Karezza?

We tend to laugh a lot, to find just the right times to make love, and to enjoy hugging or touching each other at other times. Does Frequent Ejaculation Cause a Hangover?

This has many personal and relationship benefits but at present it has also the potential kaarezza transforming our society from a crumbling capitalist system based on greed to a new world order based on compassion and cooperation.

Angel Coleman rated it liked it Jan 15, Practitioners of Karezza engage in sensual bonding activities such as smiling and skin-to-skin contact rather than typical karezsa activities. Some also call for orgasm after an altered state is achieved.

William Lloyd, MD both wrote books about Karezza available free at this sitereaders often observe that the descriptions of the actual practice seem vague. There was a warm glow in the area endrgy our navels and pubic hairline that just demanded that we lie there together motionless to feel the gentle warmth it was radiating.

Intercourse is slower and more relaxed It worked best to begin intercourse in a position that did not allow for much movement. Here’s 2 people who explain it, I believe: Karezza is a return to equilibrium. It is very similar, especially to flavors of tantra like Diana Richardson’s: Certainly, we have done a lot more giggling and enjoyed a lot more harmony.


But if he doesn’t have the peak orgasm, he [doesn’t lose] the memory and the enjoyment, and the attachment, and the feeling of love and respect for her and all womanhood.

If you are male, you are also putting unhealthy stress on your prostate gland. We can stop and reverse this trend and create a sustainable civilization with Karezza without the need for artificial birth control devices. This relaxes our abdominal breathing and reverses the increase in muscular tension and the urge to restrict breathing that coincide with the buildup to orgasm. Expect to practice at least a dozen times before you begin to see increasingly delightful results.

When having sex, you should not only consider your needs but the needs of your partner. Books by Stanley S. You are in performance mode, doing what needs to be done to survive through passing on your genes.

There is nothing mysterious about this, even though its effectiveness in relieving sexual tension may strike you as remarkable after you master it. If you decide to try Karezza, be sure to take things slow and maintain good communication with your partner. I have experienced great feelings of well-being after non-orgasmic sex over long periods of time.

The Karezza way doesn’t require climax by either man or woman, since it emphasizes intimacy, harmony, and unity. However, I decided to set it aside temporarily to learn more about Karezza.

According to Karezza practitioners like Lloyd, doing so will prolong your sexual experience and increase your connection or magnetism closeness with your sexual partner. The feelings during these quiet periods can be especially profound, as if we have entered a timeless cocoon of enervy contentment.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. In the future I think Karezza will become very common, probably a lifelong practice for most. Incidentally, we did not start out trying to learn Karezza. Read about the phases of male sexuality, the role of testosterone in a man’s sex drive, and some of the stereotypes surrounding the male sex drive.


If you are fighting yourself, you are going too close to orgasm.

Energy-Karezza by Stanley S. Bass

You may believe that you will feel more frustrated the longer you avoid orgasm. How to perform Karezza. This, in fact, was Karezza’s chief distinction from Male Continence, the Oneida practice that Bass actually emphasizes in this book.

We started out to learn what we could about the alternative of making love without orgasm, and years later, when we read the original descriptions of Karezza, we realized that what we were doing most closely lined up with Karezza. Erections also come and go—and arise again when we start kissing after a pause. Another social advantage of Karezza is the family planning aspect. It takes a lot of practice to perfect so it can become tedious. Unlike energ sexual intercourse, the end goal karezzz Karezza is not orgasm but increased closeness with your sexual partner.

Our sex expert and…. We focus on comforting each other, not fanning sexual hunger. It worked best to begin karezza in a position that did not allow for much movement.

Energy-Karezza by Bass, Stanley S

When we next have intercourse it is easier to stay in the tranquil mindset ideal for Karezza. This man described it perfectly: It does not produce rapid, obvious results as, for example, a new foreplay technique might. There is no one set method to perform Karezza. After years of Karezza, I gradually learned to stay in the calmer waters more and more, which proved to be more satisfying ultimately, with much less of a tendency to feel any discomfort or congestion afterward.