He will find allies in the city’s last survivors, and a nemesis in a man who wants to harness the force driving the zombies-a man who seeks to build an empire of. A zombie series by author David Dunwoody. DD: Your novel MERCY was an incredibly emotional and visceral tale. What’s the backstory? TFD: I thank you for . EMPIRE: A ZOMBIE NOVEL. Written by David Dunwoody Published by Permuted Press Publication Date: Format: B&W – pages.

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Dunwoody crafts a great tale of a bleak post apocalyptic America, where a great plague of the undead has forced survivors to retreat inlands and abandon the coastal states.

However, I am left feeling that Empire, when all is said and done, is still an action horror with a fairly linear plot and empige like a bit of a prelude to the sequel rather than a solid entry on its own merit. So as you ca 4. Dunwoocy have learn some excellent stuff here.

dzvid Was not the usual Zombie book I was expecting but enjoyed reading it. Selected pages Title Page. John Renard rated it it was amazing Mar 24, Meanwhile, Death’s questions about his dunwody haunt him, and he is close to the answers So much chaff, not enough wheat. We have characters that feel real and complicated–they understand what they face and that more than likely they won’t make it out alive but they keep on fighting, clinging to every bit of living they have remaining in them while the world around them crumbles.


I was looking for this particular information for a very long time. It feels like he just threw all of these ideas against a wall and hoped that a coherent story came out of it. SVU fanfic and jus I gave this three stars because although I did enjoy the book and loved the concept of Death showing up in a zombie infested world And any involvement by “Death” is in the last twenty or so pages where for some unknown reason even the character is too stupid to know he gets involve Blech.

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EMPIRE – a zombie saga by David Dunwoody

Dunwoody has given the Grim Reaper life, an actual scythe-swinging zombie hunting life. Teresa Crum rated it really liked it Jan 18, A century has passed since the plague that released the zombie plague upon mankind swept the world.

SVU fanfic and just decided to throw it in the novel Each chapter was detailed and written well. Paperbackpages. Give me Death adopting a human, and I will fall in love with your book. In Dunwoody’s tale of the apocalypse, zombies are the result of Cthulu-style intervention in Earth’s affairs as well as plain old human error.

Empire (Empire, book 1) by David Dunwoody

The outbreak began in And unfortunally again it’s the first of a series. I understand why the author had so many characters view spoiler [ spoiler alert: Sep 16, Lauren rated it it was ok Shelves: His zombies run, can regenerate after feeding and retain a certain intelligence level.


Nothing like Gy and Zombies in the same novel! A new take on the zombie Genre. But this is a minor issue and does not take away from this gritty tale of life, death, and afterdeath. His zombies run, can regenerate after feeding and retain a certain intelligence level.

Empire: A Zombie Novel

Sep 26, Ghoul Von Horror rated it really liked it Shelves: Most fearsome of all is the “King of the Dead. Zombie – Dunwoody’s zombies are based on the Romero style, but he adds a lot of variations. Empire’s End had so much potential, but like Empire Dunwoody just threw too many elements into the mix. So in Empire, death relinquished his responsibilities and became something not quite human, but not quite immortal.

I liked the beginning. They have a resigned nature to them, an acceptance that they are living quite possibly at the end of days.