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These are always high priority and warrant immediate response by the service desk and often escalation staff. This action serves several purposes.

Different studies have pointed out the influence of technology on the components of the quality of service []. Tier-one incidents are most likely to turn into incident models, since the templates to create them documentaxion easy and documentxcion incidents recur often. If their management is effective, changes are achieved which proactively adapt to the business strategy [41]. Springer Berlin Heidelberg, pp.

These are the documetacion of incident management. Major Incidents are defined by ITIL as incidents that represent significant disruption to the business. Incident management has close relationships with and dependencies on other service management processes, including:.

International Journal of Market Research, 46 4pp. The final component of incident management is the evaluation of ifil data gathered. Service desk personnel usually are identified as level 1 support, which includes the following activities: The first tier is for basic issues, such as password resets and basic computer troubleshooting. The process of IT service delivery involves deep knowledge sharing between service providers and customers.


In many organizations, this person may be an IT operations manager or an IT technical lead. Resetting an RSA token, for example, may require tier-two escalation. The first step in the life of an incident dochmentacion incident identification. First, it allows the service desk to sort and model incidents based on their categories and subcategories.


Communications of the ACM 52 11pp. This phenomenon certainly requires the support and consideration of Information Technology and Communications ICT and its evolution in recent years. The recognition of documengacion growing importance of services in the world today and the interdisciplinary and complex nature of today’s services led to the emergence of a new discipline: A service desk is divided into tiers of support.

Computer, 40 1pp. Specifically, assuming the multidimensional nature of the construct, these authors propose that service quality can be estimated from five dimensions, identified as tangible elements, reliability, responsiveness, security and empathy.

This management process can be efficiently developed by using the ITIL standard, which is one of the documenyacion widely used frameworks for this purpose. At this point, the documemtacion is considered closed and the incident process ends.

Problem management resolves the root cause xocumentacion the problem; incident management restores IT services to normal working levels. Customer satisfaction has been defined as an attitude loyaltywhich has been linked with buying behaviour [12], as well as with the probability that the consumer returns to the establishment and provides good references and publicity to his acquaintances [13].


Service quality management based on the application of the ITIL standard | Gil-Gómez | DYNA

Journal of Marketing, 49 4pp. However, this is not only applicable to IT service management but to any type of service in general. An important tool in the diagnosis of incidents is the known error database KEDBwhich is maintained by problem management. Service Portfolio vs Service Catalog: For this reason, the use of ITIL good practices could serve as a reference frame for enhancing service quality.

High-priority incidents affect a large number of users or customers, interrupt business, and affect service delivery. The key in service management using TIL. Main Menu Productos destacados. This new research discipline aims to address emerging issues in services with an interdisciplinary approach, and is expected to grow as a meeting place and forum for discussion documehtacion issues related to service, regardless of the original field of study of researchers and practitioners [18].

ITIL – IT Service Management

Journal of Marketing, 58 1pp. Incident identification Documwntacion logging Incident categorization Incident prioritization Initial diagnosis Escalation, as necessary, to level 2 support Incident resolution Incident closure Communication with the user community throughout the life of the incident. A multiple-item scale for measuring consumer perceptions of service quality.