Principios de nefrologia e disturbios hidroeletroliticos. Rio de Janeiro: Guanabara Koogan; ; p. Franca ACL. Qualidade de vida no trabalho. Em estágio avançado pode induzir distúrbios encefálicos, como a síndrome de Wernicke-Korsakoff25, manifestação clínica também observada em obesos. mento de uma lesão renal aguda ou de distúrbios metabó- licos pode levar a admissão na UTI. Todavia, é importante que o médico previna a SLT clínica.

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Perioperative hypothermia does not enhance the risk of cancer dissemination. Treatment and secondary prevention of venous thromboembolism in cancer. Cardiotoxicities of paclitaxel in African Americans.

Characteristics and outcomes of patients with cancer requiring admission to intensive care units: Goldstein S, Hjalmarson A. Impaired cardiovascular responsiveness in liver disease. Utility of tissue Doppler and strain rate imaging in the early detection of trastuzumab and anthracycline mediated cardiomyopathy.

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Lithium and water metabolism. Cardiac Society of Australia and New Zealand. Singhal S, Mehta J. Agnelli G, Becattini C.

Concurrent doxorubicin plus docetaxel is not more effective than concurrent doxorubicin plus cyclophosphamide in operable breast cancer with 0 to hidroeletroliricos positive axillary nodes: Striking increase of natriuresis by low-dose spironolactone in congestive heart failure only in combination with ACE inhibition: Quantification of pericardial effusions by echocardiography and computed tomography.


J Am Soc Echocardiogr. Lipid clearance and total parenteral nutrition: Hypophosphatemia in the elderly is associated with the refeeding syndrome and reduced survival.

The perioperative management of antithrombotic therapy: Role of renal endopep- tidase Pathophysiology of water metabolism. Efficacy and safety of intravenous phosphate replacement in critically ill patients. Quality of life in long-term, disease-free survivors of breast cancer: Federman DG, Henry G.

Sodium and water excretion abnormalities in CHF. Metabolic cle- arance rate and plasma half life of alpha human atrial natriuretic peptide in man.

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Clinical impact of bleeding in patients taking oral anticoagulant therapy for venous thromboembolism: A detailed evaluation of cardiac toxicity: Adjuvant docetaxel for node-positive breast cancer. Prevention and treatment of cardiomyopathy and heart failure in patients receiving cancer chemotherapy.

Antithrombotic therapy for venous thromboembolic disease: Water balance and regulation of plasma osmolality. Nutrition in clinical practice- the refeeding syndrome: Acute vascular toxicity after combination chemotherapy with cisplatin, vinblastine, and bleomycin for testicular cancer.


How to cite this article. Cardiopulmonary exercise testing in the evaluation of high risk patients with lung cancer.

The refeeding syndrome hidroeketroliticos hypophosphataemia in the elderly. Cardiogenic shock associated with inappropriate nutritional regimen: Pathophysiology of edema formation. Acute and chronic arsenic poisoning associated with treatment of acute promyelocytic leukaemia.

Apresentam atividade antitumoral significativa contra o carcinoma do colo uterino, linfomas e tumores testiculares 4. Entretanto, casos de torsades de pointes foram descritos em pacientes com hipocalemia ou hipomagnesemia Effects of alpha-human atrial natriuretic peptide in essential hypertension.

More ‘malignant’ than cancer? Studies on the characteristics of the con- trol system governing sodium excretion in uremic man. Microcirculatory basis of fluid exchange. Doxorubicin-induced congestive heart failure in adults. Atrial na- triuretic peptide inhibits renin release from juxtaglomerular cells by a cGMP-mediated process.