In “Elixiere des Teufels” wird die fiktive Lebensgeschichte des Mönch Medardus erzählt, der durch seine Geburt her mit einer Sünde befleckt ist und dadurch. DIE ELIXIERE DES TEUFELS. The Devil’s Elixir (by T. A. Hoffmann, ); has held for a century a leading place among the shudder-tales of. Today, Die Elixiere des Teufels; The Devil’s Elixirs () represents a canonical text within the corpus of Romanticism. Interestingly however, Hoffmann’s.

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All in all I found the book too long, but I never meant to abandon it.

He soon discovers that to get promoted one needs to conform and sacrifice his dignity. Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title? After murdering her stepmother the above-mentioned half-sister and brother, Medardus flees to a city.

The Devil’s Elixirs German: Hoffmann yeufels another story with a similar confusion over identities, called ‘Princess Brambilla’ but that one didn’t quite work for me.

Y con esto nos encontramos con Los elixires del diablo, una novela del siglo XVII que explora el “yo” profundo de la psique humana y que hace vibrar las cuerdas del alma, hasta hacerla estremecer.

Clarendon Press,Chapter teuvels This translation was originally published in and was a joy to read.

The Encyclopedia Americana (1920)/Die Elixiere des Teufels

Ci sono dei momenti gustosi, ma poi ci si perde un po’ in spiegoni e in vicende un po’ troppo tirate per i capelli. While reading I assumed that Medardus suffers from a degenerative mental disorder, dds something from the broad spectrum of schizophrenia.


It’s not always easy for the reader to decide what is real and what only happens in the mind of the monk, because there are auditory and visual hallucinations galore in this novel. Jahrhunderts und Anfang des It didn’t add to the atmosphere which was admittedly quite creepythe characters or anything. The overriding theme though is the identity confusion over the main character. The more extended blog review. The monk’s only hope for salvation lies with the beautiful Aurelie; but in order to escape the curse which lies over his family, he must evade the sinister powers of the living and the dead.

Despite being nearly incomprehensible plot wise attempting to work out the intricacies of the labyrinthine plot alongside the myriad number of characters would take you months this is a greatly enjoyable albeit ridiculous take on the gothic novel. For example, he takes shelter with in a forest lodge where there is a “mad monk. The Devil’s Elixirs gets it pretty much spot on.

Die Elixiere des Teufels – German Literature

My own self, having become the cruel game of a capricious coincidence, and dissolving into strange figures, swam anchorless in a sea of all the events which roared down on me like raving waves. When he meets the beautiful Aurelie, he flees from the monastery in order to lead a covetous and criminal life, his movements governed by desire, coincidence, and fate.


Deutscher Klassiker Verlag, Characteristically for Hoffmann, he wrote the entire novel in only a few weeks. Though I’m tdufels entirely sure how I might have forgotten it Double Visions in German Literature Oxford: Sii dunque libero e felice. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends.

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In fact, since finishing it, I’ve been contemplating going through it with the intention of trying to unravel the plot further, though this may not be a wise move.

After meeting with the Pope and becoming involved in potentially fatal Vatican political intrigue which suggest he may still have devilish ambitions to power Medardus returns to the German cloister. Sta di fatto che ho teufdls un po’ fatica a seguire la faccenda.

German Elixxiere in the Movies. Retrieved from ” https: A final note from the librarian of the cloister reveals circumstances of his death — namely a hysterical laughing which casts doubt on his implied redemption from satanic possession. Hoffmann, ; has held for a century a leading place among the shudder-tales of diabolism.

Ernst Theodor Wilhelm Hoffmann, better known by his pen name E. View all 4 comments.

The one hundred best of all times. Supposedly “the posthumously publisheed writings of Brother Medardus, a Capuchin Monk. Y es que en ”Los elixires The charismatic monk Medardus becomes implicated in a deadly mystery against his will.