Der Schlumpf Katalog and pictures. Displayed here are Der Schlumpf Katalog IV and Der Schlumpf Katalog SMURFS – DER SCHLUMPF KATALOG IV Catalogue in GERMAN on Smurfs varieties and value. Since there is not a lot of text in the catalog, it is very. Der Schlumpf Katalog 4. 2 likes. Book. Der Schlumpf Katalog 4. Book. 2 people like this topic. Want to like this Page? Sign up for Facebook to get started.

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I also have a version that was made in China where under the feet you can see that they blocked out the original Hong Kong markings.

It is also possible to find this with the year changed to on the Hong Kong ones. I will let you decide…. Sometimes the Schleich version can be found with five black spots on his lion-cloth.

Oswald – Der Schlumpf Katalog IV

Also in Schleich released their own Chef. Is the Scot smurf with brown pipes on his bagpipes, is this genuine or just a repaint? In and they painted the smurfs in more of a matte paint colour.

With Cook it is possible to find this with no markings. Dressed in a navy blue wide brim hat, blue overalls, white shirt and brown working boots. Strangely though Bowler was never released by BP Australia as a regular smurf. Sometimes this version can be found with four black spots on his loincloth. This appears to be the case right through to when they stopped selling smurfs in the USA. Again the colour of her hair may vary depending where it was made.


Due to the popularity of Roller Skate Smurfette many fakes have also been made.

This is considered rare as it is harder to find than the one with the longer whip. This one is found with M.

Bowler was released by Schleich from to and then once again in I have also seen some people refer to the thickness of the whip but in my opinion this is a very minimal difference that it is not worth mentioning. As a word document.

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I am not sure why they had to ask me this question as I have never claimed to be an expert, but here goes……. So this meant when School Patrol was sfhlumpf in by Schleich the stop sign had to be redesigned to make sure it meant new child safety laws. These can only be found with light yellow French fries.

Was this a prototype or painter playing with colours? In Bully lost the rights for the smurfs and was not allowed to make any katalgo smurfs after 31st December They sold a couple different colour versions, light pinkish orange guitar with yellow chords and a red electric guitar with brown chords.

Der Schlumpfkatalog IV: Der Preiskatalog für alle Schlumpfsammler – Frank Oswald – Google Books

xer Sometimes this version can be found with four black spots on his loincloth. Carpenter that was first made by Bully in or New Carpenter that was made by Schleich in It is also highly likely that Schleich were experimenting with different colours or accessories on some of the Bully marked smurfs around the same katalkg as they had just won the rights to produce the smurfs. As all three were produced by different makers, here are a few things to keep an eye open for when looking to add one to your own collection.


Roller Skate Smurfette was also briefly made and painted in Sri Lanka, so it is possible to find this Sri Lanka markings or kataalog a black paint dot under the rollers.

Archives – Smurfs

All have a plain white dress and white underwear except for one where she is not wearing any underwear. You are commenting using your Twitter account. I wonder what name you could call the cafe? The chords schlumpc the guitar can also vary from yellow to brown.

Head Chef was also made out of Sri Lanka so possible to find with Sri Lanka markings or with a red paint dot.