De Anza College is a community college serving the south bay within the San. The Paralegal Studies Program at De Anza College is approved. Paralegal Studies ยท Paralegal Studies De Anza also offers Associate Degrees for Transfer (A.A.-T. and A.S.-T.) that provide priority admission consideration for .

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At every firm at which I worked, I had nice coworkers who got along well; yet they hated their jobs and morale was bad. Why don’t you re go to law school? Joel Irving in Lindenhurst, New York months ago.

Regarding DLP’s comment above: To Paralegal, or not to Paralegal, that is the question I didn’t care who I worked for, whether it was a public padalegal, prosecutor, or sole practitioner in private practice.

Jane Do Girl in Cantonment, Florida months ago.

Are they still in demand? I would urge you to look into other fields. Content is not continuously monitored. You should check the job paralfgal boards, etc.

To Paralegal, or not to Paralegal, that is the question….

And what pay rate can I realistically expect, entry level with an AA in paralegal, of course? Joel, Your ignorance of the legal profession in general shows through once again. I got my paralegal cert.


Disbarred attorneys get jobs as paralegals all the time in NY and other parts of the country. Graduates of the program are commonly found in private law offices, public agencies, and corporate law offices. How did you enter the paralegal profession, Joel et al?

Displaced Legal Professional in Denver, Colorado said: Forums are open to the public. Posters like dee and DPL should be banned from ana like this one. Both programs satisfy the educational requirements of California law. Lastly, depending on the local job market, most firms are not interested in hiring law-school graduates as paralegals. Paralegal Studies Offered only to students who have an A. Again, your local job listings and paralegal association will have the most current information for your area.

I was a Criminology major at UC Irvine and wanted to be a criminal law paralegal. Moral is bad and industry wide; turnover is very high. Deborah James in Alameda, California months ago. Deborah James in Alameda, California. The only sector that might meet your exacting ‘wish list’ would be the government sector, and paralegal jobs there are highly competitive and hard to come by.

  22TCN 334-06 PDF

If you have a complaint about naza content on Indeed, please contact Customer Support. Would YOU hire an unknown attorney, fresh out of law school, to handle your legal representation all by himself? Look at some of paralefal other boards where people talk about their experiences in this field.

Paralegal Courses

You’ve never paralgal a paralegal! I post here occasionally, when I feel motivated to do so by a particular post or I feel I may have something of value to add to a discussion. Someone once gave me a tip, it bears repeating “It’s always best to ignore ignorance. Deborah James in Oakland, California. The school you are considering is one of the few community colleges in Northern California that paraegal ABA approval.

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