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Dataxheet Configurations and Selector Guide appear at end of data. I just have to know which mixim chip is in there.

It did not help.

MAX datasheet & applicatoin notes – Datasheet Archive

Even though there are a number of cases with boards that datazheet this problem, it is still just a very small percentage of all boards ever made. Do I buy yet another motherboard or am I wasting my time? The next morning, the computer wouldn’t start and exhibited the “BOD” symptoms. It works again now and has successfully booted about 8 times with rest in between. I have done a bit more looking at this and from what I can see the schematic for the ADP on the back page of its datasheet does not agree with the T20 circuit in that the SD pins are not tied together.

Not an easy thing to do when the circuit schematics are not available.

SECFB provides a method for adjusting the sec- ondary winding voltage regulation point with an external datahseet divider, and is intended to aid in creating auxiliary voltages other than fixed 12V.

The strange thing is that Toshiba designers have not followed the maxim recommendation of using the max in the final product.

  JCIH 2007 PDF

MAX1632 PDF Datasheet浏览和下载

Adtasheet you are correct the main issue will be to try to find a parts source for fresh T2X systemboards. No registered datasjeet and 3 guests. Notebook and Subnotebook Computers. If this raises high then the ADP would activate also.

Does anyone think that cause maybe related to the CPU? All voltages must disappear before an error condition will be cleared.

Your circuit diagnostic appears to be sound. For myselves, I have the problem with a T21 board. Ordering Information continued at end of data sheet. This points to an intermittent problem with a part or a connection max16332 a component on the motherboard. This is kind of like the inductors trouble on T23’s. Asserting the SKIP pin enables fixed-frequency mode, for lowest noise under all load conditions.

Then, since I’m a suspicious person, I turned the system off but left the powered AC adapter in its plug in the base overnight.

The motherboard directly on the port replicator. Did not even have a fan on the cpu. All links to PC-Doctor software hosted by me are dead. Also, the max will not reset immediately when power sources are removed from the machine, as the capacitors on at least one of the 5V and 3. Got a T20 for repair und upgrade, the user assumed a bod. So, thanks a lot for the above contribution, wireman. Both the T21 and T22 that I have with the BoD problem never shut down by themselves; they seemed to work fine until I powered them off and then crossed my fingers and tried turning them on again.

(PDF) MAX1632 Datasheet download

It seems that you have documented this issue a little bit more than anybody else around here. Time will tell if the bits I soldered max1362 had any effect long-term. I have buzzed out the board datasheett over to try and find its source but have been unsuccessful so far. Goodbye Lorita, wherever you’ve gone Hi, i have some questions about these machines. Besides the FAN works ok anyway. Just kept an eye on the meter on the power supply and a finger on the cpu, so that I would be warned, should the cpu temperature start rising – which it did not the adp was removed.


Both the 5V and the 3. A storage-scope might be able to, but then there would be the issue of having dattasheet error condition reset.

datasheet (electronic components) search result | eet

The MAX must be told to raise the 5v and 3. I would have liked to be wrong. My hope was to replace the mainboard in one of my “BOD” T21s.

The datasheet’s for the max and the adp does contain sample schematics on how these chips are datasheeh to be implemented. My T23 does the same as you guys mention The status of the board will have to be determined by voltage measurements or similar.

These two ICs require a high voltage on their SD pin in order to start running.

One might wonder why maxim did not expected similar problems for repair people! Ray’s machines does stay on when they do turn on. I max132 taken apart a TT22 in quite some time, but remember correctly, it is quite similar to the T23, which I have done many times Who is online Users browsing this forum: