CthulhuTech is a roleplaying game developed by WildFire LLC and published by Catalyst Game Labs (formerly published by Mongoose. Well folks, it’s been a long time coming. Welcome to the Cthulhutech review. For another exploration of the book and discussions of its quality. Enter a world rich and strange – even the cover art suggests this even before you read a word! But it’s stranger – and scarier – that you might.

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Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. I naturally went and grabbed a copy of it for a couple chuckles. They made peace, joined Earth as allies against Migou, were given Haiti and Cuba to form their own nation and to make them easier to fight if they somehow turned on humanity again and joined their forces, tactics, and mecha with that of humanity.

CthulhuTech was a finalist for the 34th Origins Awards[5] an award for particular aspects of the traditional gaming industry. Everybody needs to play one game of it though. The church of the fish-god scours the world for lost occult secrets to unleash terrible forces. Yes, you said a rude word. Aside from Humans, a player can choose to play as the alien Nazzadi, genetically engineered humans once under the influence of the Mi-Go but now allied with the Earth’s government.

But it is a horror game. In their new form, Tagers are mostly their old one cranked up to 11, but they often gain one or two new inherent abilities. I think it’s probably kind of an acquired taste though, because one of my friends played for 6 months before he figured out the rolls.

CthulhuTech – 1d4chan

CthulhuTech uses a proprietary game system known as “Framewerk” that focuses on a dice pool system. How to create a Cthulhutech PC. You’re condemning the game cthulhutrch says “rape is bad” for saying rape.

This page was last edited on 3 Octoberat The Stories of H.

This site uses cookies. Bliss Stage is written specifically not to appeal to that sort of anime fan; it’s aimed more at the sort of person that complains about those anime fans while secretly maintaining a Tumblr full of non-con yaoi fanart.


Surely nobody actually tried playing that? I’m fine with a darker setting, but it’s just such a stupidly dark and hopeless setting. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Tagers experience a boost to their abilities both in mortal and Tager form, with the latter being far more potent. My favourite thing about the system is actually the way the dice work. I’m only partway through that first link, but it’s really good at summing up everything wrong with the system.

CthulhuTech – Wikipedia

To undergo metamorphosis a Tager tchulhutech to play to these character traits, even more, often going out of ctgulhutech way to act in a way where another action would be preferable.

The zombie apocalypse happened and the zombies won. Poo is a fast-paced card game, where you fling poo at each other until there’s only one monkey standing. Everyone here is complaining about the machanics, which are a bit granular, but no where near as bad as Shadow Run and similar games.

I always feel sort of cthulhitech when I talk bad about Bliss Stage because I’m also definitely someone who’s quick to point out that sex moves in Apocalypse World aren’t mandatory, but It’s old, but can be fun. Putting all of their race to a fuckhuge ship the size of the Moon, they landed on Earth en masse.

Cthulhutech – Dystopian Horror Roleplaying in the Strange Aeon

Eight books have been released for CthulhuTech. It used all three in a linked series of adventures, leading to a mecha assault upon an abandoned oil rig in the North Sea. Everybody needs that benchmark experience to judge all other RPG experiences over.

I’m not familiar with Bliss Stage, but unless you’re required to actually RP out sex acts or are playing with creepy players who insist on RPing out those actsit doesn’t sound particularly offensive to me. The discovery revolutionized the world and sent her mad. While prominent elements of the Mythos described in some of Lovecraft’s key works such as Elder ThingsShoggoths or Yithians are not used as NPCs or enemies and generally do not appear in the game, cthuhutech are referenced in a section of the CthulhuTech Core Rulebook describing the cthulgutech of the setting and intended for gamemasters.

  C10DN 7X PDF

The difference is that in Cthulhutech, that content is an avoidable element of the setting that the GM is not cthulhutsch to involve in the game.

Get ready to protect your nuts in this fast and furious card game! You can say there’s more going on than just the underage sex, but the dev himself states the sex was the beginning design intent for the game.

Plus a dice system that makes my stomach churn. Don’t know Cthulhu Tech.


It’s meant to have awful stuff in it. The void, is a RPG that is set in the same setting, but a few years before the cthun star arrives in the solar system. Frankly I see more of a basis to criticize anything based on HPLs work than to criticize this one in particular.

Zombie Shamble is a fast-paced card game where players take on the roles of zombies trying to do their best to get across the finish line.

They would dedicate themselves and the sacred warriors that are the Tagers to fighting the Chrysalis Corporation and its allies wherever they can. The Card Game Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page Help. What I did play was fun as heck, but a real mess haha. While the staff suffered psychotic attacks, nervous breakdowns, frequent nightmares and other such unpleasantries, they were not driven mad, which was a good thing for everyone involved.

The Aeon War focuses on humanity’s battle against the rising cults of Hastur and the alien Migou, both of which wish to wipe out or enslave us. Just like some dank moldy forbidden tome of the great old ones, it’s worth sharing with everybody.

Battletech if you’re looking for a tabletop wargame rather than an RPG system.