Advance Praise for Crossing the Rubicon Astounding! Alarming! And yet at last , with this — Mike Ruppert’s beyond-courageous offering — we gain sight of the. Crossing the Rubicon has ratings and 55 reviews. Jamey Mike Ruppert is considered a very dangerous man by the US government because he has been. The list led Ruppert to publish his first book, ‘s Crossing the Rubicon: The Decline of the American Empire at the End of the Age of Oil.

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Monday, December 06, Fueling a Profitable Future: Mar 13, Timothy Scott rated it really liked it Shelves: The world wide heroin trade accounts for many many billions of cash.

Though this is an older book published in and not quite current current events, the rampant militarism, full fledged assault on labor and reproductive rights, rolling back of social programs in favor of corporate welfare, and the limiting of the 1st Amendment makes me feel that perhaps portions of this book should have been listened to.

The attacks of September 11,were accomplished through an amazing orchestration of logistics and personnel. Moving Forward[29] and Apocalypse, Man He brings this home for every American by exposing the perpetrators here within our own government, most notably using as a paradigm. The book is narrative non-fiction.

Four more years of hating the dynamic duo could have almost as debilitating an effect on us as their policies. Ruppert is the author of Crossing The Rubicon: It is a good read and a page turner, I really enjoyed his approach and his short thoughtful commencements at the end of each chapter.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. The same is true of the mainstream media.

View all 4 comments. From The Wilderness was a newsletter published from to by the media company, From The Wilderness Publications.


Though this is an older book published in and not quite current current events, the rampant The redeeming aspects of this book is its exploration of just how ubiquitous petroleum products are in our civilization, and how that fact makes it much more terrifying that we’re veering so close to its total consumption. I don’t know who to believe on this one, as This is the best book that I have read on the subject of This was confirmed by close friend and property owner and landlord Jack Martin.

Full text of “Crossing the Rubicon-Decline of the American Empire at the end of the Age of Oil”

It’s a sprawling book. It’s not as “readable” as some of David Ray Griffin’s work, but the research and reliability of the research is exceptional.

The US manufacturing sector has been mostly replaced by speculation on financial data whose underlying economic reality is a dark secret. I think Michael Ruppert is a smart man. Sometimes his posts would make you believe you need to go buy iodine in preparation for nuclear war. It gives rise to a notion, that the filmstrip of American presidents that lines the wall above the board in many school classrooms needs yet, another decker above it one for the literatu An ambitious book and one to read.

Let me reply to a recent review by a Mr. Books by Michael C.

excerpts from the book Crossing the Rubicon by Michael C. Ruppert

However, all his sources check out and I’ve converted to conspiracy theorist. Fascinating and furious, but frustrating and faulty and in desperate need of a ruthless editor. This, along withwas one of those texts that makes you critically think about the world around you. Full of key stories and details in the great puzzle, it rubucon from the defect of promoting peak oil, which is itself a likely scam.


Crossing the Rubicon: The Decline of the American Empire at the End of the Age of Oil

Crssing, Cheney accords Halliburton hallowed-ground status. Other points, such as our bleak future due to peak oil, are spot on. Peak oilan event based hte M.

And yet at last, with this — Mike Ruppert’s beyond-courageous offering — we gain sight of the whole of corporate-managed, government-assisted, bank-laundered, drug-funded plunder. Dec 03, Mike rated it it was amazing Shelves: First, it is not cost-effective, and the response would cause rubicoh problems than it would solve. I’d like to extend my thanks to everyone who has reviewed Crossing The Rubicon, and to everyone who has read the book.

Oct 05, Anthony R. After all, remember that this same crew actually did orchestrate two wars in Iraq and Afghanistan which quite frankly didn’t exactly end Mission Accomplished. Chertoff Intel Chief Negroponte.

Michael Ruppert

It’s still a relevant and informational read, minus a handful of chapters. This book also talks about “Peak Oil”, the point in the world when overall oil production passes the high point.

For this alone we owe croossing a debt of gratitude: I have no intention to undermine Michael Ruppert’s work. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

In such cases, instead of finding Page Apr 27, Christopher Rex rated it it was amazing. Reichstag Fire the old Pearl Harbor, other parallels Russia: Ruppert died of a single self-inflicted thee wound to the head. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Michael Ruppert uses concrete evidence –press releases, news stories, interviews, official documents– to make his case against the perpetrators of the September 11 attacks.