So, now with 6 weeks and around 10 games under my belt, I’d like to share my newest list and experiences so far with hopes to provide. : Warhammer 40, Codex: Craftworld Eldar (): Gavin Thorpe, David Gallagher, etc.: Books. Codex: Craftworlds is a seriously awesome book. Index Eldar struggled, and there was a reason everyone was playing Ynnari. Now however.

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Stratagems that aren’t gated behind specific Specialist Detachments, but can still be used to augment them. Lastly, their Heavy Weapon platforms can contribute a little bit of extra firepower with a bit more oomph than Ranger Long Rifles or Shuriken Catapults can provide.

War Walkers and Heavy Weapon eldwr Wraithlords also appreciate the added durability Alaitoc offers, especially if they were going to spend their time as backline gunners.

Wraithknights and Skathach Wraithknights. Almost all of the eldar LoW have been hit hard, Distort Fields, what were once Titan-grade Holo-Fields, now only ever confer invulnerable saves if the unit moved a considerable distance per turn. Alaitoc is probably the default Attribute for many armies, specialized or no, simply because an army wide cldex to hit modifier benefits almost every unit you can field. Lord of War Choice Recommendations: This means that you won’t get the Craftworld Bonuses for Titans – as elddar as -1 to hit or count as double-wound Titans would be, we won’t have it.

Prince Yriel gets special mention due to being an Iyanden specific character, though you can do better with a vanilla Autarch at a more reasonable price point. Incredible for your Shining Spears as they benefit greatly from being able to fall back while abusing FLYshoot and charge again. But those wraith guard are only -1 to hit. Heavier melee units like the Custodes, Grey Knights, Blood Angels, and other Eldar Wraith units can generally tough out the overwatch and slaughter your Spectres in short order if you let them get too close.

Now they have a protector. As for the Horrify power, it is better reserved for units like the Hemlock Wraithfighter, which is far more suited for ekdar Leadership bombing crfatworld than banshees are. As a biker unit, a Craftowrld Skyrunner can also putter along and cast Conceal for a relatively reliable -2 modifier as well.


Codex: Craftworld Eldar (3rd Edition) – Warhammer 40k – Lexicanum

Some units, like Jetbikes, overcome this disadvantage with superior speed and mobility. Needless to say, this attribute comes into play far more often on multi-wound models and supports vehicle-heavy builds particularly well. Guardian Defenderswhile more expensive and considerably more cowardly, can still easily take advantage of the Shuriken support and make for a relatively strong objective securing unit. At the start of your turn, you may pick an Iyanden Spiritseer.

Wrath of the Dead 1CP: Used at the start of edar phase. Vypers become quite durable indeed, and are reliable platforms for either twin Shuricannons or a more standard Heavy Weapon for your various needs. Unfortunately, while a -1 to hit modifier is welcome, Iyanden’s damage table modifier is far more useful considering just how much firepower it’ll attract.

Karandras is the more offensive option, between his exploding attacks and buffing nearby Scorpions to do the same, they can take down key backline infantry or characters with relative ease. Those that follow a Wraithseer around can also gain more focused support for their Advances and Charges, ensuring that footsloggers get where they need to be much more quickly then other craftworlders can.

Seer Council 1 CP: Pay for the 3 CP instead craftworkd deep strike a second unit. Used whenever a friendly unit advances. Going half-and-half will crwftworld your Banshee’s total attack output, but will ensure your warlocks can survive a couple casualties before dropping a tier on their powers. Use in the fight phase after a wind rider host unit has fought.

Pick a friendly Farseer. cocex

Warhammer 40,/Tactics/Eldar(8E) – 1d4chan

Supreme Disdain 1 CP: Having Fire Prisms shooting S12 AP-5 lances twice each irrespective of line of sight or range re-rolling hits and wounds can absolutely dodex any vehicle from Rhinos to Imperial Knights.

Wraithlords love crzftworld added durability, of course, and synergize quite well with a Wraithseer casting Enliven to give it a better chance to get into glorious melee combat. Out of all your Aspect Warriors, they offer the single longest range fire support and can flexibly bring down a wide variety of targets that your Banshees, Scorpions and Dire Avengers will be struggling with. Congrats now you can cast 21 powers per turn in matched play.


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Warhammer 40,000/Tactics/Eldar(8E)

All attacks that target that unit in this phase will only hit on a 6, irrespective of modifiers. Combine with Cloud Strike and your opponent is guaranteed to turn into a pillar of salt. The Great Enemy 1 CP: Warp Spiders cpdex more expensive, but they’re sturdier and able to handle MEQ targets better than the Hawks can.

Baharroth is another candidate for a rounded list, as he can make any nearby Aspect Warriors borderline fearless and can redeploy to anywhere on the map as needed. Too hard to understand. Bonesingers are all but a must in a Wraith or Iyanden focused list, as they offer the only healing support for your entire army. Conceal — Extremely effective and infuriating on Warp Spiders. Jain Zar and Karandrasfor obvious reasons.

Runes of Witnessing 2 CP: Regardless, Corsairs offer a much more flexible way to play your eldar factions, and practically encourage you to go wild with conversions to really make your dudes Do note that Wave Serpents get the respective twin version, which in the case of Scatter Laser, Star Cannon and Shuriken Canon gets a small price discount compared to two single weapons.

If you hit, do D3 mortal wounds instead of rolling to wound. Privacy policy About 1d4chan Disclaimers Mobile ctaftworld. That requires good positioning tactically as well, especially if you’re doing the latter. Eldar vehicles went up in toughness and resiliency but also skyrocketed in price just like all vehicles in this edition.

If it’s any consolation to you Craftwlrld owners out there, at least titans from all factions got similar treatment, so if nothing else, it’s an unbiased “fuck you”.