This book provides teachers and recreation professionals with a guide to Project Adventure activities and curriculum. Project Adventure learning goals are: (1). “Cowstails and Cobras II” is a rewrite of Karl Rohnke’s classic guide to games, initiative problems, and adventure activities. It contains much-and-more of what. Download Citation on ResearchGate | Cowstails and Cobras. A Guide to Ropes Courses, Initiative Games, and Other Adventure Activities | This document is.

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But it should not cause you to tighten up and lose your spontaneity and your sense of humor. Tell your group that you are going to play Moon Ballexplain the rules 30 sec.

Is it any wonder that everyone wants a rappel as an integral part of their program? Here are some helpful sugges- tions: If the students participate and have a good time, move on to something perhaps more meaningful, like The Balance Broom, Before we leave the field, check out the mega-grass stains on those designer pockets. Sit up, relax a bit, and try again. The reason for spotting is to offer protec- tion to the individual participating in an activity.

Donna added it Jan 02, Ask the participant to turn around degree turns fifteen times and then put the broom down and step over it. It’s just like playing warm-up games before doing problem solving.

Cowstails And Cobras II | FlagHouse

As you sit comfortably now wherever you areclose your eyes and con- jure up a picture of students in this au nature! In experiential learn- ing, specific well placed What? Also, front and back rolls can be alternated for this distance; i. This can involve some Counseling on the Run. Intervention, in order to resolve conflicts, and the willingness to spend time on conflict resolution, is not only good for the group, but is good role modeling. Then you are “well covered.

Ask the participants either to go into the center of the group, or sit on the perimeter of the circle. Recognize that dizziness can trigger an epileptic attack. Be the first to ask a question about Cowstails and Cobras II.


The advice on the construction of ropes course elements contained in the original is not included in the revision. From your horizontal position, raise the top half of your body, head up as far up as you canand hold that Cobra-like position for five seconds.

Elements of the Adventure Program The faller initiates the signals by saying: Teams try to score a point byremembering that the balloon cannot be hit at a downward angle. At the same time, that line can be carefully established in the midst of the group, on common ground.

Red Baron Stretch Most people have the right and left props on hand for this solo stretching-into-fantasy exercise. The group wouldn’t want it any other way. In many cases, the success or failure of a group depends on the effort of the members. I don’t care tials new or exciting something is, if that’s all you do, to the exclusion of other alternatives, then that activity will become tedious and eventually disliked.

Leaders should work at complementing each other with their skills, drawing out the best, and teaching what they know to each other. Hence, a team of a counselor and a physical education teacher can work very well together teaching an Adventure class of learning disabled stu- dents. A person may decide to do cobra during the session. Elements of the Adventure Prograw 4. Here are some key aspects to remember when teaching spotting to a group: The safety information cannot be negotiated, The framing of the task, in terms of completing it, can be adjusted according to tho needs of the participants everyone goes back if yoM touch, or only one person goes bank.

There’s nothing that says the leader can’t participate, “Relying on the group to provide the solution,” could be cws as that, but in the debrief, especially in some difficult, interpretive situations, the leader must step in.

Cowstails And Cobras II

To alleviate foolishness and possible injury from too forceful a shove, require that the shoves be delivered on command. A cooperative, supportive atmosphere tends to encourage participation. Not an entirely easy thing to accom- plish — nice going,] If you are a beginning teacher seeking ten- ure, this simple but effective exercise might be the one you want to demonstrate to your master teacher or administrator toward estab- 42 Section One: This potentially negative exposure lessens their normal sensitivity to failure because the activity is fun and the group, engrossed in the enjoyment of the moment, is laughinglv supportive of any effort, no matter how inept.

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Then, even more slowly, continue down to a prone posi- tion on the ground. Emphasize fitness, but also the fun and frolic available in doing something different to- gether. In his introduction to the original text. When instruction is referred to as taking control, it crosses over into an intervention mode.

Michael Collins rated it it was amazing Dec 30, Once one phase or time period has been exhausted, use the What? If you are demonstrating actually hopping with classes each day. Say, “Here is where the trust factor comes in, because if we don’t all cooperate and work together, then someone is going to get smacked in the shins.

Crow hop from side to side attempting to gradually increase the length of each lateral hop until no more distance can be added. Trust Dive From a height of about leet, ask a stu- dent to dive forward into the arms of spotters.

Cowstails and Cobras II is much more of a complete curriculum guide for those imple- menting an Adventure program in the physical education or recreation field than the original text. To ask other readers questions about Cowstails and Cobras IIplease sign up. It’s supposed to be, but learning by doing is the lesson and it happens fast and efficiently.