aBsTRacT. INTRODUCTION: The Constant Score (CS), developed as a . centimetre “paper” visual scale both for pain and for .. Constant CR, Murley AHG. Home / Free online Constant Shoulder Score calculator The Constant-Murley score contains both physician-completed and patient-reported portions. The four . : Datum: Constant-Murley Scale. Schoudergewricht. Datum. ______. ______. ______. Pijn. – geen. – mild. ______.

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Constant-Murley Shoulder Outcome Score – Physiopedia

The test is divided into four subscales: Results The systematic literature search identified unique titles, of those were excluded, for not being related to the studied topic. External rotation is based on five unassisted hand manoeuvers, assigned 2 points each: Instability presented the lowest value of While, due to the low number of these publications, separate evaluations would not have been possible.

Single studies applied different interventions for the same underlying pathologies; frequently information on intervention type contsant procedures was not available and commonly results were presented globally, ignoring the intervention type.

Rehabilitacion Madr ; Eleven shoulder PRO scales have also been evaluated with this tool [ 18 ]. Others have argued that the current evidence does not really support the broad CMS use in this kind of patients [ 1524 ]. Subscribe to our Newsletter mrley get latest publications on Musculoskeletal Health your email inbox.

The assessment of shoulder instability: There is a chance that better evidence could be provided if more publications were found, but the systematic literature review steps followed and the specific inclusion criteria should have reduced the possibility of excluding relevant articles.


The measurement should be pain free. The systematic review followed by expert evaluations constitute the main strengths of this work.

Constant Murley Score

Even in larger groups of patients makes this method a better comparison of the functional results than the Constant-Murley score reference parameters out of healthy age and gender related control groups.

Five individual pathologies i. A guide for clinicians and researchers. The objective Variables [Maximum Score — 65].

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. In general, assigned scores were low. Consgant places the palmar surface inferior. Evaluation of intratester and intertester reliability of the Constant—Murley shoulder assessment. The subacromial group was the only one to surpass the threshold of 50 total points. Information related to the exact CMS administration is still to be improved. The Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery.

Fractures and various pathologies also scored over the established threshold but information, particularly on data collection methods, was not sufficient. Articles presenting elaborate data on more than one pathologies were additionally constqnt to the corresponding pathology group evaluators. The Constant-Murley score is applicable regardless of the diagnosis and is one of the most frequently cnstant scoring systems in the follow-up of shoulder injuries.

Information based on culturally adapted CMS versions was not assessed separately; it was considered part of the standardized evaluation. Introduction The Constant—Murley Score CMS was presented in as an instrument to evaluate overall shoulder function, irrespective of diagnosis [ 1 ].

The strength component is given 25 points. This group, along with conwtant pathologies and arthritis also obtained the highest scores in administrative burden.


It was not deemed necessary for all reviewers to repeat this evaluation, given that the same published information would have to be evaluated by all. This evaluation was based on an article presenting a totally self-administered CMS tool. One article was identified by hand search. The burden scores are presented separately and are not affecting any further calculations. Two sub-scores are estimated for the attributes of reliability scape.

Constant-Murley Shoulder Outcome Score

Certain limitations should be addressed. This score was calculated if at least 3 of those 5 attributes had a rating and attributes with insufficient information were given umrley points. In addition, various pathologies obtained Insufficient information was obtained in relation to the concept and measurement model and great variability was seen in the other evaluated attributes.

It is composed of 39 items divided into 8 attributes: Notes Conflict of interest None of the authors has any conflicts of interests. The aim of this instrument is evaluative and intends to create a balance.

Shoulder instability can lead to luxation episodes and severe pain, reducing overall function, but these characteristics are not constantly present, which is why the CMS cannot properly assess this particular condition.

It requires the involvement of expert evaluators and offers standardized and comparable results.