Escuela de Orfebreria- Cincelado, Grabado, Damasquinado y Modelado en Cera : Trabajos de alumnos de #rojajoyeríaexperimental #burilado #barranquero. Eso no se si esta grabado o cincelado y niellado (una mezcla de plomo y carbon ) Puede haber sido burilado(carved) o cincelado (hundido). Los Lambayecanos usaron las técnicas de: • El repujado. • Grabado. • Cincelado . • Calado. • Recortado. • Burilado. • Aleaciones. • Soldadura.

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New York is so special this time of year!

You may email me at: Gilded Paper Leaves for Thanksgiving seppleaf seppleafproducts seppleaf seppleafnyc seppgildingworkshop instructables instructables thanksgiving burilaso thanksgivingdecor gilding goldleaf metalleaf gilder gilding gilders artistsoninstagram artofinstagram craft crafts craftsmanhome craftsmanstyle diy diyhomedecor diycrafts diygoldleaf diygoldfoil rusticdecor rusticweddingdecor creative copperleaf rosegold rusticweddings.

Palladium leaf all woodwork and ceiling. Reposting the incredible Memorial Park Wall at Pershing Park by gildersstudio goldleaf gilding gilder gilders gold karatgold pershingpark pershingparkdc seppleafproducts seppleaf sepp seppleafnyc seppleaf goldleaves. Some in progress pics too before the framing starryeyes glassgilding reverseglasspainting gilding gildarts goldleaf societyofgilders seppleafproducts nycgilder watergilding.

Ciincelado is now open and accepting a limited number of students. Pictured here is a 22Kt water gilded gessoed panel from the last class of artists. Thanks for everyone who voted- gold it is. I really focused on brushwork and lines in these. Gilded and toned the frame face and corners to blend with the Liner and frame sides.


Cuchillo plata cincelado y burilado | Ideas | Pinterest | Ideas

I will be teaching glass gilded signage and art again at this conference next summer! To register and for more information contact me at: Incredible Gilded Signage by roycesignworks roycesignworks seppleafproducts seppleafnyc seppleaf gilded gildedsign signmaker signmakers gildedsigns gildedsignage goldleaf silverleaf signage signs glassgilding.

The group from over the weekend Gilding classes. A little variegated leaf on this set of flames matrixautomotivefinishes seppleafproducts xcaliberbrush cinceladdo nubgrafix pinstriping.

From the Basics Of Gilding Class held over the weekend. Want g learn a lot from the best and have fun talking gilding all day and all night with the coolest gilding nerds around?

Reflecting on all of the work that went into this mirror, and feeling grateful for the opportunity to freely use our creative talents to execute this project. Adding a little gold sparkle for the burilqdo DM for more info!

Needed to capture some luminosity under the desired deep tones so oil gilded brass leaf over the previous existing dull paint, sealed with clear shellac and applied raw umber casein, buffed the highlights and sealed in the finish with a light airbrushed clear cincelaxo. Gilding Classes this Summer! A stunning cupola restored and gilded by John Paschenko!!!

Love being able to create something specific for a wonderful client! Cleaning up around the newly gilded letters on the Memorial wall at Pershing Park. Students are learning the about the foundation of traditional rsg gesso and clay bole, handling the gold leaf and laying the leaf on their project with gilders liquor. DM me for further details. Join us as we study this ancient method of gold leaf gilding along with contemporary applications for works of art on the beautiful grounds of Lexington’s The Apiary.



Reposting micheleacaron fabulous gilding class in Maine this past weekend! Gilding by Boyd Reath for Michael Smith.

Tack was perfect for them to work on. An enjoyable, quiet day of applying 23kt gold leaf to one’s personal Buddah. Our Number 1, naomi.

Details in the link in Bio. Silver leaf ceiling finished- a dramatic entry to a beautiful historic home in Hyde Park. Thanks bdiamondm for her fine photography works. I was happy to be working on a small series again, it has been almost 2 years since my last one. A reminder to set your clocks back The workshop is ready and waiting for its students today. Good news for the happy Sattler Collectors.

An entire room full of our bespoke finishing touches! Hot news on a chilly day