Blue Djinn of Babylon (Children of the Lamp (Paperback)) [P. B. Kerr, Philip Kerr] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. From acclaimed thriller. Best-selling author P.B. Kerr wowed readers with The Akhenaten Adventure (RB # ), the first entry in his critically acclaimed Children of the Lamp fantasy. The Blue Djinn of Babylon is the second novel in the Children of the Lamp series written by British author P. B. Kerr. John and Philippa Gaunt, twelve-year-old.

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The Blue Djinn of Babylon (Children of the Lamp, #2) by P.B. Kerr

Retrieved from ” http: It seems like every few pages somebody is telling Phillipa that she is a “djinntelligent djinnvidual.

In addition, John attains a copy of The Bellili Scrollsa map to the palace, and of its underground locale, Iravotum. Goon, namun untuk karakter Mr. It was good writing, but not a good plot.

Overall I thought this was a good book, it was more original than the first, and many of the traditional parts of the stories came with twists. Mereka belum bisa mengendalika Pelajaran tentang jin tingkat lanjutan ke-2 Pelajaran 1. John accidentally turns Virgil’s son Finlay into a falcon and they leave as fast as they came. And somehow, the Blue Djinn of Babylon – the deciding power in the djinn world; the one djinn who is above Good and Evil – is involved.

This series is well written and, even though I dislike some of the manipulation in the story, it is told in a way that shows that bad luck happens, and bad things do happen to good people. It’s classy and has a good amount of humor.

She attracts the attention of some of the enemy tribes of djinn, as well as the notice of the Blue Djinn of Babylon, who is on the lookout for her replacement.

The Blue Djinn of Babylon

lbue He will only return it to the children. It should be expanded to provide more balanced coverage that includes real-world context. John and three companions must travel from Jordan to Babylon, modern day Thw also one of the most dangerous countries in the worldto save his sister from a terrible fate, even worse than death.


They are introduced here to their thd, the younger djinns from around the world, but for the most part they don’t get along.

There was no scheme by a evil genius to take over the world like in the other books. John and Philippa continue to be great kid protagonists, leaping into adventure without too much forethought but they’re not rash, eitherand meeting danger head-on.

Instead, the “big battle” is a few paragraphs. Then, I’ll try not to spoil too much, we find out that the Blue Djinn of Babylon is about to die and she wants Phillipa to take over.

Jan 06, Omofolawe rated it it was amazing. There are moments of peril and at one point someone is tested with killing someone who may or may not be their father.

In the yearat the end of October, at Halloween, Phillipa wanted to be a witch and John wanted to be a Dracula with real blood. This was written quite well and I thought the thing with the devil was I’m not sure whether I should rate this book 4 stars or 5 stars – it’s probably somewhere inbetween. The climax of the book could have been a huge cyildren between the main characters and their villain who should remain nameless due to spoilers.

John goes in search of Philippa, who is being held at the Blue Djinn’s secret palace in Babylon.

Jan 08, Doris rated it really liked it Shelves: Although I won’t continue the series I’m rereading books in m I must say I liked this book better than the first book. But when they meet Izaak, he binds John and kidnaps Philippa. The later part of the diary, as the character undergoes a change, did get stronger and more interesting. The author is also known as Philip Kerr, who wrote the Berlin Noir trilogy for adults, so he knows how to write a good thriller.

This page was last edited on 13 Octoberat Also there was so many pages that just carried on and on with the same thing I never thought I was going to finish it.

The biggest problem I had with the book was the many big plot holes, which is why I gave this book three stars instead of a higher score. I have a hard decision: Hhe article is about the book. Djinni, not Genie Your mother is a djunn Djinni, so is your uncle, and everybody on your mothers side. When she is captured the go to rescue her but get trapped with their own obstacles.


There was a lot of mystery and excitement. This is a well-written series and Babylpn and Philippa are a lot of fun because although they share an extremely close bond and value each other’s strengths, they also get frustrated with each other and behave like normal siblings. Karena Jin terbuat dari api, ketika musim dingin kekuatan mereka melemah terutama anak-anak.

People who want to read about a risky, adventurous book should read this book.

The Blue Djinn Of Babylon (Children of the Lamp) by P. B. Kerr

Buat yang doyan belanja, tthe kalo ke mall jangan terlalu banyak keinginan. It got very boring at some times, but I never wanted to totally quit. Dec 22, Shogo rated it really liked it. Then John just splashed her with water and that was it.

Aug 25, Whitman rated it liked it. John, in his search, faces glue obstacles in finding and reaching the palace. Nimrod, apowerful djinn and uncle to John and Phillipa Gaut. They lived at 77 East 77th Street in New Blhe. In this book the characters a In this book, two djinn twins, John and Phillipa, have to retrieve the Solomon Grimore book, which is reported stolen.

First off, the few jokes in the story are repeated many times. After John has saved Philippa, and They are all reunited once bore, Layla has pamp tell her kids that in order for Philippa to have been allowed to escape, she had to babylin to become the Blue Djinni herself. In this, the second volume of the series, Philippa practices playing the famous djinn game of bluffing, Djinnverso, and enters the youth tournament.

In the time that it takes John to reach Philippa, she has been changed by exposure to the tree of logic, but the bond between twins is stronger, and John manages to save her. The three evil djinn tribes give bad luck to mundanes[mortals] and he wanted justice to be done to them.