With CFFORM, you gain the advantage of access to these Java applet-based controls without having to know the Java language, and, you don’t have to juggle . cfform. Builds a form with CFML custom control tags; these provide more functionality than standard HTML form input elements. cfform>. cfform();. I started out with cfform back in the day, but eventually wanted to do more robust things (validations, etc) than cfform was able to handle. That forced me to learn.

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Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. Specifies whether to include support screen readers in the Flash form.

Creating custom forms with the cfform tag

Because the controls use JavaScript to return data to ColdFusion, if you disable JavaScript in your browser, it cannot properly run forms that contain these controls. You can use either of the following cffirm Creates a grid control to display tabular data.

Creates a drop-down list box. The displayed height might be less than the specified size. The displayed height might be less than the specified size. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. Generate an HTML form and send it to the client.


Name of ColdFusion page to execute when the form is submitted for processing.

ColdFusion Help | cfform

A name for the form. Displays a selection box.

They are not available in Flash format:. If you do that, you can submit the data in each element to an ajax call like this: Therefore, if you follow a Flash form with additional output, specify the height and width values. If any child tags specify onSubmit field validation, ColdFusion does the validation before executing this JavaScript. You can also use grids to insert, update, and delete records from a data source.

Creating data grids with the cfgrid tag. In this case, do not specify the. If you specify a default value for cfrorm control, and a user overrides that default in the form, the user input is preserved. Changed integer validation to require an integer value. The method attribute is automatically set to post ; if you specify a value, it is ignored.


The errors object has the following fields: James Moberg 3, 1 14 Creating data grids with the cfgrid tag cfinput Equivalent to the HTML input tag, with the addition of input validation.

The calendar lets a user select a date for submission as a form variable. If you specify one or more valid Flash expressions, Flash executes the expressions.

Attributes that are not marked as supported in XML are not handled by the skins provided with ColdFusion. But, you need those tags to get started.

If you omit the attribute, Flash displays a dialog box with all applicable error messages. The following example shows a simple XML-format form. Apply the skin located in the specified path.

James A Mohler 7, 12 32 Your ActionScript can use the errors variable to determine the fields and errors. Use the right tool for the right job. The method the browser uses ot send the form data to the server: