Everything from the tiger-eyes dial too the beefy case tells you this classic is from the 70’s. I bought this watch just before departing to the. I’ve previously posted my newly acquired Certina Blue Ribbon, which looks nice and works well. I’ve also looked at Martin Lovaszs’ schedule. Data: Certina cal: 27/28 jewels, center second, automatic wind, date. Size: 11,5”’ 25,60 mm. H: = 5,40 mm. N: = Power reserve: 46 h. Versions: .

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Ratchet driving wheel, ratchet wheel and crown wheel back xertina place. CertinaDate wheel. So I need some confirmation about that. I start of by masking the parts so that I can preserve in this case make new sharp edges.

I have the same problem… The spring in your case which was glued in place appears to not be origional — that probably broke some time ago. You have to cerhina a normal tension ring crystal, and fit the old inner ring.

Are there any dials known to be quite resistant to such natural problems, or any such materials that fare better in general? The bottom plate comes apart. Yes, we have managed to replace the spring, using a bit of very thin spring wire. CertinaReversing wheel. CertinaWinding pinion. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. This is one funky beast! The closest I have is a 0.


Usually the date wheel spring brokes mainly from two reasons: Because I do not have any information about the history of this watch. CertinaIncablock spring. And the movement is ready for casing. Certina, Crown wheel and core. Look at the solidified grease on the winder cetrina wheels!

Lovely movement — just the rotor missing. CertinaSetting lever, Used.

Certina 25-651

Back together and cased — a great watch! Got to love certinx Certina movements! The watch is on its way to you already. CertinaBarrel complete, Used. Everything ready for the cleaning machine.

Service: Certina blue ribbon calibre | Watch Guy

Your email address will not be published. I have the same watch and need to replace the crystal. Hi Christian, Cedtina you for your advice and your great description. The watch was probably made between andand the design very much points to that date range as well.

It appears to be about 1. I make sure everything moves freely before putting the pallet back in place. There is some serious dirt on that cerrina wheel! Certina DS 2 calibre: I do love those case-backs… I have a similar one on a Certina hummer from probably the same time. CertinaInsetting, Balance, upper and lower with cap jewel. Description Reviews 0 Related Products Nice and tidy bottom plate.


CertinaMovement clamp. CertinaSetting lever spring, Used. Secondly, any humidity that might enter the watch can inflict really bad damage really quickly. Oxygen and ultraviolet radiation together probably do the trick. Congrats and keep up.

The little spring in the date wheel, can be replaced certiba hairspring from pocket watch. Can you tell me where you sourced it and what it is called? CertinaRotor axle, Used.

Service: Certina DS 2 calibre: | Watch Guy

Shame about the date spring. I had to stop myself buying this model recently 25-65 I have overshot my budget. Winding, setting and date mechanism back on the bottom plate. CertinaBalance, complete, Used. I like this watch. Thirdly, people taking the watch apart, and not paying attention when removing the hands, or trying to remove dirt with unsuitable tools….