Buy Celestron C8-A-XLT CGE 8″ f/10 Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope (OTA Only) featuring 8″ (mm) Schmidt-Cassegrain OTA, mm Focal Length, f/ High quality Celestron C8 SCT optical tubes are an ideal upgrade for large aperture chasers. Buy now on sale from Celestron’s Official Australian Dealer. View the night sky or terrestrial landscapes with the Celestron C8-A SCT, an unmounted Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope with premium StarBright XLT coatings !.

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This late s vintage may be priced as an optical tube only, but it is a complete and functioning telescope system. The C8 is a modern telescope fur universal application.

It’s mostly a curiosity now, but the model does have some devotees.

Celestron C8 XLT Review

Clock drives sometimes sit unused for decades. It was ahead of its time. The original C8 has remained in the lineup since the beginning, but there have been a slew of offshoots: Celestron also use a better, more transmissive glass for the corrector than in previous models. Yes – 1 Eyepiece Included Finder Included? The drives were AC powered. They were fork-mounted, with setting circles on the RA and Dec axes. Shipping costs Celestron piggy back camera holder for SCs and Maksutovs.

CG-5 bar narrow or Vixen style dovetail The CG-5 narrow dovetail plate has a profile 44mm wide at its base. Shipping costs Astro chair from TS – made of wood – height adjustable. AroundJohnson teamed up with Alan Hale, a businessman, and the modern Celestron company we know today was formed.


Theoretically you could get celdstron 1. Provide a link for our team to confirm the price and within a matter of seconds you’ll have a price match providing the re-seller is within the USA and authorized by the manufacturer to sell the product of interest.

Add a personal message. If you get one, be sure yours has the Y2K compliant mod. These corrections result in crisp and clear high-resolution images with accurate color representation, without distortion—especially at the edges.

Celestron C8-A SCT | Celestron Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope

Quality has come up, and there are plenty of new products from the new Celestron company I’m very pleased, and pleasantly surprised, at the quality of my C6, and the new C90s are a steal.

Together with the use of high transmission water white float glass in the corrector plate, the result is markedly improved light transmission. Celestron has continously celetsron this telescope.

As a company Celestron went through major changes starting in the s. That means the potential for striae and inhomogeneities varying from sample to sample. Do the coatings look good? The net result is faster, more attentive service from the Manufacturer and an enhanced customer experience. This is an Optical Tube Assembly only, which does not include the mount.

There was a C10, a C12, a C16, and a C22! Eventually, setting circles disappeared from the scopes entirely.

You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. If it’s one of the old fork mount units, do you plan on using the clock drive in it? See any errors on this page? In Celestron was sold to the dreaded Ceoestron, which itself folded in The tubes are light gray. Sky-Watcher Esprit mm Tr The people who told me that a modern C8 is a very different i. Yes – 1 Eyepiece Included.


Solar DDoptics Dew Not.

Older fork mounted tubes can be drilled for Vixen-style dovetails, but this is not always a simple operation. Not available with current selections. Together with the use of high transmission water white float glass in the corrector plate the result is markedly improved light transmission. Enter the Email associated with your account, then click Submit.

Almost any accessory can be used. I still have a collection of brochures from that era and I still get a chuckle out of reading them. And while you’re at it, see if the scope is collimated.

Celestron C8-A SCT Aluminum Optical Tube with CGE Dovetail – 91024-XLT

These were not good years. The Edge 8 models feature excellent correction at the edges of the field for astrophotographers. The smaller C90 Maksutov filled in the lower end of the range.