CAN/ULC-S PERIODIC INSPECTIONS AND TEST – DAILY AND MONTHLY. NOTE: Refer to Appendix D for examples of Inspection and Test Record. SCOPE. This Standard provides requirements for the inspection and testing of fire alarm systems and specifies the devices and functions to be inspected. 1 SCOPE This Standard prescribes requirements for the inspection and testing of fire alarm systems and specifies the devices and functions.

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If housing discolouration is noted, attempt to identify the source and note the date of manufacture. Please contact us for more information.

Automatic air pressure maintenance devices passed test? Displays are visible in the installed location.

Diesel Natural Gas Other: Each device tested while connected to control unit? Buildings – prior to freezing weather?

Circuits for emergency telephone call-in operation, including audible and L visual indication operates. Gauges to ensure good condition and normal pressure? Components of standpipe system inspected?

Uulc Connection yes no Number of Conventional Zones: Nozzle is intact with no parts missing?

Reconnect ancillary functions off site connections? All parts valves, hoses and fire extinguishers accessible?


Fire Alarm System Periodic Inspection (CAN/ULC-S)

In-suite signal isolator modules have been identified, individually inspected, and tested. Free from mildew, cuts and deterioration? U Output circuit supervision fault causes a trouble indication. Vancouver, Richmond, and Langleythe individuals performing annual testing must be registered by ASTTBC cna certified by an agency recognized by the local authority.

CAN/ULC-S536-04 Fire Alarm Annual Inspection Test Form

Recommended Additional Visual Inspection not mandated by the Standard: Where active and supporting field devices are utilized, device labels correspond e536 actual field location.

Gauges on dry system no low pressure alarm? Dry pipe valve partial flow ilc test: Forward Flow Test results are recorded on the backflow test report? Most house fires start in the electrical wiring so it’s a good idea to have a battery operated smoke alarm installed as a “back-up”.

CAN/ULC-S | Standards Council of Canada – Conseil canadien des normes

Two stage pull stations tested and functions confirmed? Operation of each individual alarm and supervisory zone indication gives the identical indication, or lights the identical indicators at the other annunciator s and sequential display s. Where fault isolation in data communication links is provided between control units or transponders and between transponders, introduce a short circuit fault and confirm annunciation of the fault and operation outside the shorted section between each pair of: Additional documentation relating to smoke control measures in the building is appended to this report.


A copy of this report will be given to: Photoelectric type smoke detectors utilize an infrared light source called the emitter and uc receiver, both of which are located inside the sensing chamber. Gaskets in place and in good condition? Couplings of compatible threads and undamaged? Record time for diesel engine to crank: Sprinklers s5336 be inspected from floor level?

Standards Council of Canada

Required Building Code Alarm Operation: Adequate caan available to areas where wet pipe is located? Condition of oil in sight glass? You can download a convenient monthly test record in PDF format. Date of service from records on site was: Status change confirmation inspected and tested.

Sensitivity tested results are recorded in the Device Test Record.