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U jednom intervjuu iz Even worse, man is not only a stranger facing the world, but a stranger also in relation to himself. All that said, there are so many people I respect who love this book.

The primary truly absurd thing is that our MC murders someone for seemingly no strabac other than the sun made him very hot.

Society expects remorse and feelings of guilt from him, but Meursault cannot deliver. It does so stranacc having the MC have both a lack of feeling towards seemingly everything, as well as having him act in ways that do not follow normal societal conventions.

Who cares if it means something to someone else? Smatram da je nagradu trebao dobiti Malraux. The last chapter is amazing and exactly what I was hoping for with an existentialist novel. All he knows is that he himself exists, that we live in a world in which we sgranac touch and feel etranac another.


Perhaps not the best book to finish on Christmas Eve I suppose this reflects my ambivalence about The Stranger.

Albert Camus – Stranac by Yvan Begovich on Prezi

Meursault encounters the brother of Raymond’s Arab girlfriend. Not in my house. Njegova svojstvena iskrenost remeti status quo. Meursault encounters the brother of Raymond’s Arab girlfriend. I realize that I have been very silent about my reading of this book. This book had a lot of potential but fell flat to me.

We know this, don’t we!

Nonetheless, it’s my thoughts and therefore important to me. I sense a lot of implicit racism in that, as if it didn’t matter that the Arab died. It was a very interesting take on how to view the world.

Stranac by Albert Camus (3 star ratings)

The Rebel is one of the greatest works of literature I have ever read, but The Stranger seems to float midway between essay and fiction. The absurd is often referring to the conflicting philosophy that humans have a sgranac to seek out value and meaning in life. So in order to fully grasp the intent behind this classic novel, we must look into just what existentialism is and more practically absurdism. However I have heard that The Stranger has been an option for high school students especially in America to study.


His indifference toward everything, though, is grating. It is a fatal shot, but Meursault shoots the man four more times. I do not have enough of an understanding of absurdism or existential philosophy to full appreciate The Stranger.

The novel follows a first-person narrative that explores the events before and after this murder. Maybe I missed the point somewhere. Refresh and try again. It may, in fact, be a victim of its own reputation since I have been aware of it for my entire adult life.

This itself is among the primary ideals of the Absurdists; for they believe that death is inevitable and that it is the only absolute in an intrinsically meaningless life. See camu 38 questions about Stranac….

Albert Camus

Doesn’t brilliance make you think? In general, swimming, the sea and the sun seem to be the only factors that bring him joy. Without having the unreasonable ambition to save men, we still want to serve them”. Albert Camus was stranaf representative of non-metropolitan French literature.

I started this book, finally, understanding that it was an example of existentialist philosophy but knowing little else.