discapacidad intelectual; derechos; calidad de vida; grandes necesidades de apoyo; .. Navas, P., Gómez, L. E., Verdugo, M. Á. Y SCHALOCK, R. L. (). Discapacidad intelectual, calidad de vida, evaluación de la discapacidad. FEAPS, concebido no modelo de qualidade de vida do Schalock y Verdugo. Schalock and Verdugo () claim the current challenge of organizations for .. El concepto de calidad de vida en los servicios y apoyos para personas con.

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The aim of the present article was to explore the preliminary features of the Support Intensity Scale for Children developed within the Spanish context, using the best psychometric approach of Item Response Theory and using a Rating Scale Model due to the response format used in the scale. Average measures advance monotonically with category.

Journal of Intellectual Disability Research, 48, Suports, 10 2 Integrating supports in assessment and planning. Journal of Applied Research in Intellectual Disabilities, 18 1 Definition, classification, and systems of support 9 th ed.


Setting an objective assessment on support needs required by children and adolescents with intellectual disabilities will contribute significantly to improving professional practices of evaluation and to develop individualized support programs that improve the quality of life of this population. Calidad de vida de adultos colombianos con discapacidad intelectual.

A multivariate investigative study of the correlates of quality of life. The variables that exhibited the greatest amount of meaningful relationships with the different dimensions of the scale were schlock region of origin, educational level and occupational status.

Active support as a primary prevention strategy for challenging behaviour.


The second dimension or first contrast of residuals indicates whether there are differences within the residuals large enough to suggest that there is more than one dimension. Individual and service factors affecting deinstitutionalization and community use of people with intellectual disabilities. American Association on Mental Retardation.

BMC Public Healt, ; Variations in the social inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities in supported caldad schemes and residential settings. Universitas Psychologica, ; 12 2: From this perspective, the initial response format should be maintained until obtaining more accurate analysis to reveal the adequacy of the response format for each of the items of the scale.

Journal of Policy and Practice in Intellectual Disabilities, 7: Implications for the field of mental retardation. The aim of this work has been to understand the preliminary functioning of the Support Intensity Scale for Children Thompson et al. The initial pool of items proposed by Thompson et al. Specifically, the present study used a sample of children, both male and female, with intellectual disabilities, distributed along the continuum of age referred to in the Support Intensity Scale for Children years old and framed within different levels of intellectual functioning.

Siglo Cero: Revistas sobre Discapacidad Intelectual

Mental retardation, 39 3 Creating an ordinary life: Operationalisation of quality of life for adults with severe disabilities. Caldiad is expected that the Rasch-Andrich threshold is progressively greater as the value of the category increases.

American Associattion on Mental Deficiency. In this way, Bond and Fox claim that the fit of the items to the model will be proof schalocj the validity of the test.

Health disparities among adults with developmental disabilities, adults with other disabilities, and adults not reporting disability in North Carolina. Healthy lifestyle for people with intellectual disabilities through a health intervention program. One of the assumptions underlying the Rasch models is unidimensionality.


On the obtained data, values for MNSQ should not exceed 2 in any case or 3 for the ZEMP vrdugo which would make it unacceptable to keep the item on the scale since it would czlidad providing more noise than useful information. American Association on Mental Retardation. On the one hand, the estimate reliability measures the degree to which each scale score differentiates people in the measured variable and is equivalent to Cronbach’s Ve.

Day services for people with profound intellectual and multiple disabilities: Optimizing rating scale category effectiveness.

Conceptual principles of quality of life: Psychology in Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities 37 2 Disability and Rehabilitation, 27 3 Indicadores de la OCDE The use of an individualized support program for persons with schalofk intellectual and multiple disabilities. Siglo Cero, 44 caidad, In addition, to analyze the global fit we have two standardized statistics: Why existing conceptions of intellectual disability are all or mostly wet.

Optimizing Rating Scale Category Effectiveness. Journal of Applied Research in Intellectual Disabilities, 24 1 Journal of Policy and Practice in Intellectual Disabilities, ; 6 3: How do we know when it’s raining out? In all cases, both interviewers and the people who filled the instrument out autonomously received a briefing given by practitioners of the Institute on Community Integration University of Salamanca, Spain to ensure its correct application.