Since Caliburn Micro takes care of creating all windows for you, delete Since we are just getting setup in this tutorial we won’t add any. Have you ever tried to write a clear WPF application, but it was too complicated? Caliburn Micro solves your problem. Caliburn micro is small. In the Package Manager Console window run the command to install the NuGet package into your WPF application project.

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Jason Jun 17th, Hi, i downloaded your project and somehow i have the same issue as Mike and Nomesh, even with your project. In this part we??? Post as a guest Name. You can grab the full Visual Studio solution I made for this tutorial here. This is done by adding your bootstrapper to a resource dictionary in App.

Do the views and viewmodels need to be in the same base folder in order for this to correctly work? We need to manualy indicate property in view model Example above.


Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Caliburn micro is small yet powerful tuforial, designed for building WPF applications. If you still see this exception, you can send the project to jason mindscape.

My goal for this tutorial is to go over some lessons Micri learnt while setting up the WPF application. The bootstrapper is the class that configures the framework, telling it what to do and where to start. Nomesh Gajare Apr 11th, Our goal is to display the value passed from view model on the view. Well, after having a look, it looks to be more complex than that.

We talked about the naming conventions. For example, with our So. I encourage everyone to familiarize oneself with this framework.


The OnStartup method is to define the starting point of application. Name to a property or method within the ViewModel of the same name. Now the magic begins.

Finally we need a Bootstrapper which will configure the Caliburn Micro framework and tell it what to do.

Basics of Caliburn Micro in WPF MVVM – Part II Binding

Also like in example above, there are two possibilities to define event binding between view and view model. Request a new Category View All.


You don’t have to write anything else so just press F5 and run the application. In part 2 I will describe more advanced usage of the Caliburn Micro.

Caliburn Micro Part 1: Getting Started

Mifro to my question: The xaml for the view you created should look as below. Try setting their namespaces to be the same to see if that solves the problem.

Matthias 1 2 8. Nomesh Gajare Apr 10th, Can you pls tell me how to fix it? I prefer the second possibility, because it clearly tutoial bindings between view and view model.

· ‘Xaml made easy’ ·

Doing so can cause this kind of exception. This is how Caliburn detects and maps the properties and methods to the controls with their kinds. Under the configure method, lets add a new line.