Journalist Ross Gelbspan’s new book, Boiling Point (out in late July from Basic Books), reveals how politicians, big oil and coal, the media, and. Revisiting the consensus on global warming (The Heat Is On, ), Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Gelbspan finds the US strangely at odds. But Ross Gelbspan is no slave to fashion. The beauty of his book Boiling Point is how it reminds us that scientific facts are inescapable, even.

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ExxonMobil achieved an even greater success in directing Bush administration climate change diplomacy. By adopting scientifically responsible emission limits and markets for trading emission rights within glebspan limits, government can pull private investment away from the problem and direct it toward solutions.


The usefulness of bogus science was not lost on the Luntz Group, a private consulting firm advising Bush on climate policy presentation. His presidential win can in large measure be traced to his victory in West Virginia, a state no other Republican presidential candidate had ever won.

Fred Singer and Richard Lindzen. Make this your default list. Clearly these governments would not pojnt undertaking such massive and wrenching changes if they had any doubt about the climate crisis. If ExxonMobil is your enemy, Gelbspan is your champion. Rather, they represent corruption disguised as conservatism.

But the magnitude of rsos potential consequences is unprecedented. Be the first to discover new talent! In Novemberin an effort to improve its environmental image, ExxonMobil trumpeted its investment in hydrogen fuel research. We have to change what’s possible.

Gelbspan writes clearly, and he argues that Republican members of Congress have latched onto theories of the few scientists who don’t believe that global warming is a major problem. Ross steps up to the plate with his own big proposal, the World Energy Modernization Plan. Click to have a closer look. A passionate call-to-arms and a thoughtful roadmap for change, Boiling Point reveals what’s at stake for our fragile planet.

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An excerpt from Boiling Point by Ross Gelbspan

I’m all for part two: Moreover, a substantial number of developing countries that are not required to cut their emissions in the first round of the protocol have begun to do so anyway. In fact, the proposal itself is not so much a policy prescription as an anticipated harbinger of changing will. Ross Gelbspan is a writer and environmentalist. The topic and the rapidly evolving political context mean that the book may date relatively quickly. It would create millions of jobs and raise living standards in poor countries whose populations are affected by climate-driven disease epidemics and whose borders are overrun by environmental refugees.

Then, in Augustthe attorneys general of Maine and Connecticut made an extraordinary goss. There was an error while adding the following items.

If the dream seems remote, consider this: He lays out three of the plans being discussed to attack the problem, as well as one of his own which focuses on changing energy subsidies from fossil fuels to alternative energy sources, funding the transfer of renewable energy sources to developing countries and greatly tightening emission standards. In fact, the Bush climate policies have nothing to do with political conservatism.

In Search of the Canary Tree. Journalists, he says, are culpable because they are minimizing the story; activists, while well-meaning, are so busy trying to form alliances and make compromises that they lose sight of a problem that Gelbspan believes could ultimately compromise the planet.

Booklist Review Denouncing the oil and coal industries as criminals against humanity, Gelbspan justifies his use of that label by communicating his sincere belief that human civilization is in mortal peril from global warming.

BOILING POINT by Ross Gelbspan | Kirkus Reviews

In short order, President Bush reneged on his campaign promise to cap emissions from coal-burning power plants, unveiled the fossil fuel-friendly Cheney energy plan a fast track to climate chaosand withdrew the U. The industry-driven campaign goes far beyond traditional public relations spin. Revisiting the consensus on global warming The Heat Is On, Pulitzer Prize—winning journalist Gelbspan finds the US strangely at odds with a vast majority of both scientists and governments.


As of this month, countries have ratified or acceded to the Kyoto Protocol. In the second half, after criticizing local environmental gestures and proposed free-market solutions as insufficient, Gelbspan presents his proposals for separating civilization from its hydrocarbon appetite. Congress during the 90’s. That’s closer to a truth that can last than what we’ve got now.

Boiling Point | NHBS Academic & Professional Books

Public investment is no substitute for a climate policy in which emission limits drive private investment in solutions. Where Mathematics Comes From. But we should not expect panaceas. Key to the program is the establishment of an international organization to fund green technologies, financed by a global tax on international currency transactions.

Philip Cooney, chief of staff for the White House Council on Environmental Quality, was formerly head of the climate unit of the American Petroleum Institute, the main lobbying arm of the oil industry, and a group that is among the most rabid critics of climate science.

In Boiling PointRoss Gelbspan reveals exactly how the fossil fuel industry is directing the Bush administration’s energy and climate policies. There are some beneficiaries: They are the fossil fuel lobby, the current Bush administration, and journalism. Global warming — Political aspects.

Go to Conservation Land Management. Prior to his involvement in the climate issue, Gelbspan worked as an editor and reporter at a number of newspapers, including The Philadelphia BulletinThe Washington Post and The Boston Globe.

Finally, he offers a concrete plan for averting noiling full-blown climate catastrophe. About this book Related titles.

Customer Reviews Review this book. The Birth of the Mind. But with the science now so robust, and negative impacts so visible, this behavior is inexcusable. While it’s tempting to think that one universal solution set will emerge, I suspect we’ll have to muddle along, cherry-picking the best of various approaches and cobbling them together.