We all know love matters, but in this groundbreaking book positive emotions expert Barbara Fredrickson shows us how much. Even more than happiness and . In her new book, psychologist Barbara Fredrickson argues that we need an upgrade, and she’s written a new book to explain why: Love I wish I had known years ago about Barbara Fredrickson In particular her theory that accumulating ‘micro-moments of positivity,’.

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Love 2.0: How Our Supreme Emotion Affects Everything We Feel, Think, Do, and Become

I love making connections across areas like that but I also know how tough it is. I fredickson I love those who are not in my physical presence.

It wasn’t academic writing but I just didn’t get along with it and it made a lot of the information presented feel like it was dragging. Amazon Renewed Refurbished products with a warranty.

Love by Barbara L. Fredrickson, Ph.D. | : Books

Instead, they meet adversity with clear eyes, superbly attuned to the nuances of their ever-changing circumstances. It can just be a brief encounter that brought about a very positive emotional connection. A leader in the field of Positive Psychology, her current work intelligently builds an expansive bridge from the scientific to the intuitive and back again.

Affirm your positive qualities, but refrain from delusion and self-deception. Trans-partisan politics A Transformation series. Rare in its scope and ambitious in its message, Love 2.

Even though love is defined throughout this book as moments of positivity shared between and among people, the positivity shared between knower and known — between I and me — provides a vital foundation for all other forms in positivity, before we can freely enjoy the many other fruits of positivity resonance that we can share with others.


It makes us more trusting and open to others. Nothing that much new if you are familiar with kindness meditation, empathy etc etc. Their vagal tone compared to a control group soared after a few months of this daily practice. We continue to love our loved ones and feel their love even if they are decreased. Your wisdom, then, ebbs and flows just as your emotions do.

New firearms regulations and police use of lethal force in Argentina. Finally, she introduces us to informal and formal practices to unlock love in our lives, generate compassion, and even self-soothe. Fredrickso reading Love 2. What a great way to think of our daily interactions! Imagine how it fredrrickson feel to so readily grasp just the right thing to do and the right way to do it.

Since I loved the class, I figured this book would be a win… I agreed with many aspects of this novel: And Barbara Fredrickson’s work is all about providing a secular framework and the research data to make this venerable spiritual practice accessible and viable to the contemporary western world.

And with higher vagal tone, your attention and actions become more agile, more attuned to the people in your midst. This conception of love is a lot like .20 Buddhist idea of loving kindness, and since a large portion of the book is a series of loving kindness meditations, that is not terribly surprising.


Armas de fuego y uso de la fuerza letal en Argentina. Despite this barbars, I think it worth thinking about love in this way, taking an active approach to improving how we love and what we expect from love, through loving kindness meditation as one suggestion, and through others. She talks about love as this synchronicity of two minds, which I bbarbara with.

And what ever joy you felt at having it after an absence was doubtlessly short lived. Still, I think the idea has merit. Mar 13, Sean Goh rated it really liked it.

The Love Upgrade | Greater Good

In other words, it would probably be safe for most of us to lighten up a little. It is the confluence of biochemistry and behavior, particularly initiated through the eyes, Fredrickson maintains, that gives us these micro-moments. Just like all forms of positivity resonance, however, self-love first requires safety and connection. It can shield you from the especially good stuff as well.

However, in my view, the book overemphasizes interpersonal physical connections and overlooks the spiritual source, intention or reasoning of love. Love is an act frwdrickson will — namely, both an intention and an action.

Particularly given how easy it is for many if not all of us to slip into unconscious automatic ultra cranky hater mode if we’re not ca In a nutshell.