The National Shrine of Our Mother of Perpetual Help also known as Redemptorist Church and Fr. Leo J. English, R. conducted the first Baclaran Novena with 70 participants on Wednesday, June 23, , giving rise to Wednesday’s. Posts about history of Baclaran novena written by Baclaran Phenomenon. Novena in Baclaran @ USTREAM. Catholic. Novena in Baclaran. , total views. Share. Facebook · Twitter · LinkedIn. Audio only. Novena in Baclaran.

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Ina belfry was built as part of the Shrine’s redevelopment plan. This challenges the personalist and individualistic attitude to novena and baclsran.

Before the year ended, the Redemptorists added more novena sessions since the original chapel was good for only people. John Maguire said, [O]ne reason for the rapid nlvena of the Perpetual Novena, after it began in Baclaran inwas the already existing love of the people for the Mother of Perpetual Help, whom they had come to know and love from the Redemptorist Missions.

Thus, they requested the Redemptorist to novens a novena in Ilo-ilo patterned after the novena in Boston. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

An introductory part contains the narration of the origins of the icon and a brief explanation of the icon. The first Redemptorist missionaries who came to the Philippines in began their mission in Balcaran, near Cebu. The land was a pious foundation, as the Archbishop of Manila had described it, and quite an interesting one.

Baclaran Church

One of the primary reasons for the explosion of the novena in was the fact that it was written for public and communal prayer. Other points suggested to include into the revision of the novena were:.


The belfry, which has mosaics of bclaran icon on its four faces, is built closer to Roxas Boulevard some distance from the Shrine. Nothing changed in the official text of the Perpetual Novena for twenty-five years until Redemptorists and some devotees felt the need for reform. As the revised novena states in its introduction, The purpose of the novena is not just to bring our needs and aspirations to God through the prayers of Our Mother of Perpetual Help but to let Mary bring us to Jesus in order to follow him—the true path to God.

The Archbishop offered them a piece of land in the then rural village of Baclaran.

The collective consciousness of the novena evokes the Filipino values of baclafan and damayan. A perpetual novena, on the other hand, is a series of nine occasions of prayer but repeated continuously. Despite the strong integration of social reality and devotion in novena, there were other areas that will need reform and improvement in the years to come.

Inin the same church, Father Henry Sutton began novenas in which people participated through singing, praying with the priest, rather than remaining silent while the priests prayed. The Redemptorists helped facilitate this love story to blossom in Baclaran. Prayer of the Communion of the Saints One of the primary reasons for the explosion of the novena in was the fact that it was bacaran for public and communal prayer.

We have no direct relationship with God but a relationship mediated and interceded with the communion of the saints, living here on earth and triumphant in heaven. The intercessory prayer of the novena instilled a new consciousness upon the devotees.

This article is an excerpt from the book Mary of B aclaran: Novena were also recited during the hundreds of missions that the Redemptorist gave to the barrios in the Visayas and Luzon. Then, it dawned upon the Redemptorists that this chapel is not just meant to be a mission station.


Sam Boland narrates, The land was a pious foundation, as the Archbishop of Manila had described it, and quite an interesting one. The shrine celebrates its annual feast day on 27 June, the liturgical feast day of the icon.

Novena in Baclaran

Mary is the role model of intercessory prayer through her intercessory role for us in heaven. The small wooden chapel will only cater to the local community around the convent. This remarkable part disappeared in theand versions of bacladan novena. This form is the most impressive Our Mother of Perpetual Help devotional form today. We do not know, how many of this novena were printed, but it certainly help in the propagation of the devotion to Our Mother of Perpetual Help in Luzon.

The goal of life in this world is personal sanctification so as to be ready to enter into eternal life after death. We do not pray to Mary, Mary pray with us. That is why Mary is not only the mother of our Lord, but our mother too.

The rest is history! The novena is made by each day reading the set meditation and then reciting the prayers which follow each meditation. Wednesday was the only day vacant in a week where each day was devoted to a particular devotion or saint.

Common Elements between and Novena Both the and novena had similar characteristics: Roman Catholic churches in Metro Manila.