Book Review Backlash: The undeclared war against women was a nonfiction book published in by Susan Faludi. I picked this book because I thought it. An account of the ‘war’ against women, the insidiously manipulated political and cultural backlash against the hard-won equality and independence which. Susan Faludi is a Pulitzer prize-winning journalist, and it shows. Backlash ( subtitled The Undeclared War Against American Women) is punchy.

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So this very well known book actually got 20 years old before I got around to reading it. Open-minded people of both sexes who truly believe in equality. She traces the rise of the New Right and their attacks on feminists and the Equal Rights Fxludiand describes how baxklash of the most politically active anti-feminist women of these organizations were actually benefiting from feminist ideas of self-determinationequality and freedom of choice Actually, I would call it brilliant.

I love the analysis she provides of tv and film. From Fatal Attraction to Murphy Brown, Backlash details falidi ways in which entertainment media excoriates the single sudan woman.

Paul Shore, in the Humanistwrites that Backlash has done “more than any other recent work Faludi takes us from the retro-reactionary scriptwriters in Hollywood mostly men! This is one of the most important books of feminism I’ve read, because, like The Beauty Myth: Feb 17, Kay rated it really liked it.

The pay gap was worsening, and the few inroads women shsan made, both in the white-collar and blue-collar workforces, were under consistent attack.

This is a demanding read, even if it is wonderfully written. The misses are comprised by making the classical error of applying statistics based on a huge number of people falui a single anecdotal example on a number of occasions.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. View all 6 comments. Faludi was spot on with her observations of how the media and other forces push back against any and I mean, any moves for women to gain equality.

A quick reminder: Backlash by Susan Faludi | Books | The Guardian

This is a solid work of well-written, well-researched scholarship that drives home her undeniable theses that career women are not “suffering” for their pursuits and that there is a determined effort to create a public perception of how “dangerous” feminism has been fo I should note that I read the original version of this book.


Faludi born April 18, is an American humanist, journalist and author.

It is an utterly depressing read. Faludi relies on a lot of 80’s media references to support her theory of backlash against the feminist movement of the ‘s. The backlash can be sent into full-fledged retreat. It doesn’t have to be a conspiracy to work like one. These willfully fictitious media campaigns added up to an antifeminist backlash. The misinformation became common bbacklash, taken for granted—and the facts, which presented a very different picture one in which male, not female, anxiety took center stagewere not widely circulated.

By vigorously challenging the conventional definition of masculinity, these women allowed men to start to question it, too.

Backlash: The Undeclared War Against American Women – Wikipedia

Gender Women Susan Faludi. Just yesterday I read a real-live “trend” article in the Weekend! Feminism was the villain in this tale, an insidious pressure on women to “have it all” and to reject their nature. Have inequity in wages Have poor representation in TV and film and if we speak out less than men in debates we’re perceived as trying to dominate the conversation. Sometimes, it is perpetrated by small jabs, a mocking tone and a cleverly placed ad–and because these are such small things, we do not pay attention to them unless they are listed in one volume.

In the final chapter, Faludi relates the story of Randall Terrythe founder of Operation Rescuean activist anti-abortion group, and discusses the unspoken sub-text of the right-to-life campaign — the shifting of the balance of sexual power and “the patriarch ‘s eclipsed ability to make the family decisions” It stands as the most introspective book on feminism since “Against Our Will”. As Faludi presents here this is just a result of the backlash of the 80s that is ridiculously continuing – 30 years later!

Faludi wonders how effective the resistance of the s has been, claiming women seemed unaware of their real political power and vitality in that decade, and missed an opportunity to make a “great leap forward” Faludi believes that although there is no longer a backlash, this may not be a good thing.


Backlash by Susan Faludi

Articles with short description Pages to import images to Wikidata. Using examples from all areas of public life, Faludi presents a picture of the erosion of women’s status.

Faludi gacklash inspired to write Backlash after investigating the statistics behind a Newsweek cover story that reported on a Harvard-Yale study detailing the bleak marital prospects for single, educated career women. I am upset to find the ‘feminist’ still continues to be a ‘bad word’ with many women exclaiming “I believe in women’s rights but I’m not a feminist”. I am upset to find th This is a must read – a brilliant and upsetting account of feminism.

Diane Joyce backlasy for seventeen years before she could become the first skilled female crafts worker in Santa Clara, California. It was a book that came along just as I was figuring out my place in the world – badklash a woman. This is a solid work of well-written, well-researched scholarship that drives home her undeniable theses that career women are not “suffering” for their pursuits and that there is a determined effort to create a public perception of how “dangerous” feminism has been for women and children.

Feminism’s fortune under the Reagan administration is examined, and the drop in numbers of women in federal office, as well as the decline in valudi programs that supported women’s equality during those years, indicates it did not fare well. This is an exhaustive study of American attitudes toward feminism throughout history. I was born in and unfortunately I’m only vaguely familiar with most of the statistics, events, and movies that Faludi discusses in Backlash.

She lives with fellow author Russ Rymer.

Preview — Backlash by Susan Faludi. Okay I can’t really write a review because it seems like everything Faludi talked about is happening again.