It seems like there is a surge in interest of people who are interested in investing in an arowana breeding farm. These investors are of course only interested in. The Asian arowana (Scleropages formosus) comprises several phenotypic varieties of . Captive-bred arowanas that are legal for trade under CITES are documented in two ways. First, fish farms provide each buyer with a certificate of . The Australian version of the Arowana is the Saratoga, both the Jardini and Leichardti are great additions, they uphold the same characteristics as the Arowana’s.

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For this reason it is recommended that they are raised in extremely large tanks of over gallons or large outdoor ponds. Mature gold crossback arowanas are distinguished from aeowana red-tailed golden arowanas by having metallic gold crossing the back completely. This page was last edited on 25 Octoberat In mature fish, the top of the eye and the head behind the eye are bright emerald. There are ten different wrowana originating from different parts of the world — three from South America, one from Africa, four from Asia and two from Australia.

Arowanas & Saratogas

One belief is that while water is a place where chi gathers, it is naturally a source of yin energy and must contain an “auspicious” fish such as an arowana to have balancing yang energy.

Email a Friend Your Name: After the eggs are fertilized, the Asian arowana exhibits great parental care with paternal mouthbrooding. This variety also lacks the reddish fins of the red-tailed golden. beeeding

Aquarium Sciences and Conservation. Both grey-tailed and yellow-tailed silver Asian arowanas are dark grey on the back and silver on the sides, with dark ring patches arowaa the lateral scales and a silvery or whitish belly.


Their bodies are also covered in large, heavy scales with a mosaic pattern of canals. Arowanas are extremely predatory and should not be kept with smaller sized fish.

In grey-tailed specimens, the fins are uniformly dark grey. Genetic fingerprinting has been used to assess the genetic diversity of a captive population at a Singapore fish farm to improve the management of this species.

The mouth is oblique with a very wide gape. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Aroaana formosus. Scleropages macrocephalus Pouyaud et al. Kottelat, Maurice; Widjanarti, Enis July 1, They are considered a Jurassic era species breedinv have been around for over a million years. Integrated Taxonomic Information System.

All strains are probably endangered, but some notably the super red and red-tailed golden more critically than others. Unlike most fish, the Asian arowana reaches sexual maturity relatively late, after 3—4 yr. Middle Suitable Tank Mates: Asian arowana scales are large, cycloidand, in some varieties, metallic-coloured, with a distinctive mosaic pattern of raised ribs. The Raffles Bulletin of Zoology. Arowanas are carnivores and have strong predatory instincts. For this reason most arowana keepers prefer to keep arowanas alone.

Archived from the original on October 25, Other nations restrict or prohibit possession of Asian arowanas; for example, the United States has listed this species under the Endangered Species Actso it cannot be kept in that country without a permit. They can be fed on a diet of feeder goldfish, frogs and shrimp.

Asian arowana

Journal of Fish Biology. In juveniles, the areas destined to develop golden colour start out metallic silver.


The morphological similarity of all Scleropages species shows little evolutionary change has taken place recently for these ancient fish. Arowana Dragon Fish from Anglo Aquarium. First, fish farms provide each buyer with a certificate of authenticity and a birth certificate. Retrieved 22 April Retrieved 11 March In juveniles, the darker the dorsal colouration, the deeper the red will be on maturity. Retrieved 25 October Mature red-tailed golden arowanas have brilliant metallic gold lateral scales, gill coversbellies, and pectoral and pelvic fin membranes, although the back is dark.

Don’t Miss Stories on PetGuide. Second, each specimen receives an implanted microchipcalled a passive integrated transponder, which identifies individual animals. Type what you see in the image: These barbells are often delicate, and can easily be damaged by rough handling. Surface Suitable Tank Mates: Search results for Osteoglossum formosum.

Arowana’s – caring breeding and feeding these aquarium fish

Arowana are one of the largest growing species of aquarium fish and can sometimes reach lengths of over 4 feet. Retrieved 10 May Like all members of the OsteoglossidaeAsian arowanas are highly adapted to fresh water and are incapable of surviving in the ocean.

Due to their demanding nature and sheer size, the task of raising this fish should only be attempted by dedicated and experienced aquarist. Arowanas prefer aquariums with both large open swimming spaces and sufficient hiding spots.

Bottom Suitable Tank Mates: Archived from the original arowans