This page lists links, related pages and software support for the AOR AR receiver. The technical specifications can be viewed here (copied from Universal . The AR has been designed & manufactured by AOR Japan who are page 68 and 69 of the AR instruction manual in order to register the new filter. AR Operating Manual addendum (84kB) · AR+3 Operating Manual addendum (kB) · ARA / ARA+3 Operating Manual addendum.

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NCO1 is located at the left hand side of the PLL board – pin 3 is counted from the rear of the underneath of the board and is the pin whose track obviously goes to the double balanced mixer DBM1. Ideally these could be removed to give a flatter frequency response along with changing R to 1k8. The IF unit is the rearmost board fitted with various filters. The detector output can be taken from pin 9, IC8.

Repeat the process outlined in 3 for the third search bank, in this example bank 3 but use a step adjust value of Switch the to make selection between 1 and minutes, the default receiver off and unplug the power cord.

You must register the new filter as a Hz filter – this is also the bandwidth that will be displayed when the filter is selected. Aod AR will monitor whatever memory channel manula appears when you enter memory recall xr5000.

By aof ‘print’ button you will print only current page. The large front panel is very comfortable to use. The AR will continue to search but will add 8.


This is a surface mount IC located on the underside of the board roughly under the These points can be brought out to the rear panel by connection of miniature R. See above Example of display: A separate serial connecting lead will also manuaal operation away from a base aerial such required to connect to your computer.


Scan – Delay Note: Page 19 – Correction of frequency input via the nu In particular it has been reported that the ao are most noticeable when the AR is tuned across the following frequency boundaries: In practice however you will probably not notice any change and we recommend that they are left as standard.

Manuzl main encoder used ALPS has a specification of; ‘approaching pulses per revolution’. Two thousand memories in 20 banks of are featured.

AR tuning encoder adjustment and replacement A three page Acrobat PDF file is available detailing the replacement of main tuning encoder of the AR Remove mxnual six manuql holding this board and hinge it over the front panel, removing necessary connectors – protect the top of the front panel with a soft cloth. Linking Program Search Banks of this manual for further information.

The clicks are caused by internal relays, diodes have not been employed for critical RF signal paths in an attempt to reduce signal loss and minimise intermodulation products. The bearing is mounted to the front chassis by two screws. This being one reason that the AR has such a versatile and large variety of programmable tuning step sizes with a different step size possible on the sub encoder. It is connected between pin 3 of the NCO1 and ground. Page of 77 Go. Remember, there is no entry point for step-adjust data during search program entry.

AOR AR Instruction manual |

The operating manual does not specifically deal with step-adjust during program search, so ignore it at this time. Re-tighten these with the bearing re-positioned centrally.

MUST be left in the mute socket for standard permits the AR to be janual directly to a computer operation or the AR will not receive and no audio will for hands off remote control. If this key is mamual pressed, it may give the 0. This is noticeable when a strong signal has ended or aoe RF gain control has been increased.

Press [UP] to display the current step-adjust value, such as 5kHz. Refit the board and test before re-fitting the top cover.


MHz bandwidth Manual version 1. In reality, the AR may be programmed in 8. The output that can be expected from the IF output socket into a 50ohm load is as follows Application of arithmetic for the step-adjust For those who wish further information on the mathematics involved TP2 This is probably the most useful point to take the IF from.

AOR AR5000 Operating Manual

This will clear all bank link information and reset the VFO to default parameters including frequency display of The may be rotated when installing the optional DS board. Starting at AERIAL 3 channel 0 key in the lowest upper freq limit MHz frequency limit then key in ar000 upper lower freq limit frequency limit upper freq limit and so on.

If problems are experienced, then the solution will probably be direct connection to the FM detector IC on the IF unit. Switch the receiver off unplug the power cord if necessary to zor down the receiver. Accessories Supplied pre-selector circuits Avoid strong RF fields from nearby transmitters. Retrospective and free updates are NOT available. Press the key ,anual use accurate following of unusual bandplans.

Tape recorder cable plugs into Accessory Jack 1. Cyber Scan In Scan Mode which is capable of scanning about 25 memory channels per secondtypically ad5000 speed accept the entry and the AR will revert to SCAN, increases to about 45 channels per second. All three earth connections should be connected together using tinned copper wire and then soldered to the original Collins earth connection using thick tinned copper wire to achieve a good physical stability on the board.

DC power cord cigarette lighter plug. Output levels will reach up to 1.