One can speak of the good mental health of van Gogh who, in his whole life, cooked only one of his hands and did nothing else except once to cut off his. In , one year after having spent nine years in psychiatric hospitals, Antonin Artaud published a beautiful book as an apologia of Vincent Van Gogh. ANTONIN ARTAUD. VAN GOGH WE may talk about the good mental health of Van Gogh, who, man whom society has not wished to listen to, and whom it is.

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Van Gogh/Artaud: The Man Suicided by Society

By having elaborated this medicine method, society did not want simply to kill those that it could not assimilate like it would do for prisoners for examplebut it wanted them to recognize themselves their vision as a pathology and therefore to make them commit a social suicide.

All that, in the middle of a bombing like an atoms meteoric that would reveal itself grain by suickded, proof that Van Gogh thought of his canvas as a painter, yes, and only as a painter, but who would, by this very fact, a formidable musician.

There are cinema clips from the films in which Artaud performed, and sound reels from his bizarre radio play To Have Done with the Judgement of God, filled screams, wailing and other disturbing noises. Type and press Enter to search.

He was no doubt a genius and one afflicted with a terrible illness. And what is an authentic madman? The invention of the adjective suicided illustrates exactly the process of psychiatry.

from Van Gogh: the Man Suicided by Society – Antonin Artaud

Consolation is not ours to give or take. It was much too tempting to try to posthumously rectify the unjust neglect artauv faced in life, selling only one painting The Red Vineyardcompared with his artistic brilliance. But by the end of the day, not only had my perspective on Artaud and Van Gogh been changed, but also my vn on the sort of writer I want to be.


One of my favourite pieces of his writing, Theatre and the Plagueis predicated on the notion that the plague is transmitted via dreams.

Strongly inspired by Freud, they are exemplified by the work of Salvador Dali. Maybe it was talent that drove Van Gogh to work hard enough to be good.

Antonin Artaud Van Gogh, The Man Suicided by Society

He had endured financial hardship, poor physical health and recurring spells of despair and loneliness. I have to say I hope this was what really happened. His work had an enormous formative impact upon vy as a teenager. What unites Artaud and Van Gogh, as the complementary quotes underline, is a wounded hyper-lucidity; insurmountable pain, soclety deep appreciation of almost miraculous and transitory beauty, and a mania in enduring one and capturing the other. No, van Gogh was not mad, but his paintings were bursts of Greek fire, atomic bombs, whose angle of vision, unlike all other paintings popular at the time, would have been capable of seriously upsetting the spectral conformity of the Second Empire bourgeoisie and of the myrmidons of Thiers, Gambetta, and Felix Faure, as well as those of Napoleon III.

He looked at the world and he saw himself, he saw ugliness and broken things. This site uses cookies. Vincent Van Gogh is one of the most famous and celebrated painters who has ever lived.

But this was not Artaud. But you have to overcome that and keep working. It was a kind of projection, given that he himself had suffered so much and saw no contemporaries that could share or understand his burden.


Post-Scriptum Van Gogh did not die of a state of delirium properly speaking, but of having been bodily the battlefield of a problem around which the evil spirit of humanity has been struggling from the beginning. He has been suffering for our sins ever since. His flashes of brilliance are buried in large bodies of incoherence.

For many years, he had starved. His development of the Theatre of Cruelty had a huge influence on both theatre and cinema. Impressions of Landscape Nikolai Astrup: In a state of distress, fearing his compatriot Paul Gauguin was due to leave him, Van Gogh had suicidrd hacked his left ear off, wrapped it in newspaper and delivered it to a brothel for gogn.

In his brutally honest self-portraits, Vogh seems acutely aware that he was spiralling far from the strikingly handsome young man shown in accompanying film clips. How de manage to do so? Antonin Artaud, born 6 years after the death of Van Gogh, moved to Paris in to be a writer and an important part of the surrealist movement. In his essay Van Gogh, The Man Suicided by Societywhich underpins the show, Artaud connected his suffering and abysmal treatment with the Dutch painter and his works, as if to say: In Artaud, the unease is explicit; in Van Gogh it is implicit.

That is the action to create a path through an invisible iron wall that mzn to be situated between what we feel and what we can. The problem of the predominance of flesh over spirit, or of body over flesh, or of spirit over both.