Annexure-F is a verification certificate issued by a verifying authority. Annexure F is mandatory for passport applicants applying under the Tatkal scheme. Mar 14, Signing annexure F by the gazzeted officer is taking liability that you have never been What all should I do to prepare Annexure F for Tatkal passport?. Jan 26, As opposed to a normal passport application, a tatkal passport Until now, following annexure F (specimen verification certificate for passport.

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How To Make Annexure-F For Passport?

The process stays the same. Kafka’s Dream September 8, I applied for reissue to get change of address and spouse name addition and was not asked for any annexures including annex B. Divya Rai October 4, annexrue Kartik December 26, Will write up after my experience after Wednesday.

Apply for appointment only after you have your documents ready. Nothing except official letter-head, whether the Tasildaar understands it or not. I meant while editing the form should I select normal quota? Their policies are whimsical. But I would still request you to check with the office.

Tatkal Passport: Story Of Annexure F (Now Annexure B)

Shubhanka October 15, We get options where u need to decide whether to make it normal or tatkal. My passport expired 5 months ago, I applied for a Tatkal.


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Long live your tribe. Divya Rai June 20, I hope this helps!

Getting tatkal passport easier as govt scraps need for Class 1 officer’s nod

Sundeep Soni December 19, A Borrowed Backpack November 26, I applied for fresh Tatkal passport too in Delhi PSK which was in Rk Puram, i read your article and was little tensed about getting this annexure, but there is an alternative annexur, instead of the Annexure you can give 3 out of 16 documents. My passport have been renewed from Dubai in Same is my query. So, what was the outcome? It is about the process of converting a tatkal application to the normal one.

Hey Saurabh, I am glad you found the post useful.

Tatkal Passport: Story Of Annexure F (Now Annexure B) – A Borrowed Backpack

I agree with you ArrogantPSK, though I am not sure why would you choose the name which should ideally have been the subject, had this been a mail. Divya Rai September 5, Will add to the edits, so that it helps people in future.

I am most horrified every qnnexure I have the slightest of interactions with our esteemed bureaucracy. You might have to check if the PSU your dad works for is accepted by Passport office, and then check for this state thing. Deepak July 2, But, tatkxl officials as Ghaziabad Passport Seva Kendra rejected the documents. Hi, all I was very much worried about Verification certificate, In re-issuing passport.


A Borrowed Backpack June 8, Nilesh December 11, Have you heard of any case where Annexure I along with 3 proofs would have sufficed. Annex B is no longer required for tatkal. None in the rank would help you have anyone in that rank from your family. A Borrowed Backpack June 12, Your experience can help people in future. Kumar June 27, Im afraid if they ask for 2 address proofs for 1 year continuity apart from Axis bank passbook, I dont have any other proof.

Hi, Just wanted to share my experience with Normal Passport re-issue. If yes, then yes.

If I get an annexure f today, then for how long it is valid? My mother is a gazetted officer in the admissible payscale as required by them and is eligible to issue this certificate.

When mallya can easily move outside India, it indicates that propose tho stop passport is useless. Hi Crazy Tatkal, I have no experience in either; sorry. A Borrowed Backpack November 3, Please do your bit and share the post as much as you can.