The Listerdale Mystery (Agatha Christie Collection) [Agatha Christie] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A selection of mysteries, some. Beginning with the mysterious disappearance of Lord Listerdale, her depiction of the Posted in hit by a heavy object, poison by Christie’s Fan. The Listerdale Mystery and Other Stories Agatha Christie 1 The Listerdale Mystery Philomel Cottage The Girl in the Train Sing a Song of Sixpence The.

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At the next station, she gets off the train. She was still thinking the matter over when Quentin came in with the coffee tray, and she myetery out impulsively.

I must do it. You’re making my head spin.

The Listerdale Mystery And Eleven Other Stories

While speaking to George through the window, she spots a man with a small dark beard further down the platform getting into the train and tells George to keep an eye on him and to guard safely a package that she hands to him. It was less about the mystery, certainly not entangled with nearly mysterh many murders, and more plain fun, playful even.

She felt instinctively that the buder understood. He suddenly receives a mysterious telephone call from a girl identifying herself as Listerrale. In the last two days I’ve discovered that practically every one of these houses of Iris have been let in the last eighteen months to people like ourselves for a merely nominal rent – and with the proviso that the servants should remain.

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The Listerdale Mystery

The stories instead focus primarily on theft usually of jewelsdeception, liars, mistaken identities, almost all with issues of class buried within. She even stooped and picked up her needlework.

Christie frequently used familiar settings for her stories. Hard luck on him to be shelved. Soon afterward, walking in the village, Evans meets and talks with Professor Merrowdene and finds out that he has just taken out a large insurance policy which will pay out to his wife should he die.

Sir Edward Palliser, KCreceives a visit in his Westminster house from a woman called Magdalen Vaughan whom he met on a boat trip some ten years previously.

The Listerdale Mystery – Wikipedia

But there was nothing in it but a roll of newspaper clippings already dirty and discolored with age. He was also less enthusiastic on the subject of the tobacconist’s daughter.

In some ways Rupert was a long time growing up. She begs for his help to avoid being killed, gives him an address to go to and tells him the codeword is “cucumber”.

It goes back over ten years and involves the sale of a Spanish shawl from the impoverished family of a man called Don Fernando to Anna Rosenborg. When aliens invade, however, it puts a lot of things into perspective.

Would their influential parents have bailed them out and silenced the police? If Dick – A sudden idea flashed into her mind. The story is fine, but my favourite part has to be the gardener who has such a wonderfully funny written accent that you just have to read his lines out loud.

George Rowland is disowned, following his dispute with his uncle and his guardian. Mrs St Vincent sat with her coffee cup in her hand and a puzzled frown on her face. In shock, he realises that although it is the same model car as his, it is not the same car. What have you done with her? Supper was a meal that choked her, yet she forced herself to eat, and even to appear gay and natural.


For he knows that it belongs to Lord Listerdale, who left the house one day and has not come back.

Finally, Jane is introduced to the Grand Duchess Pauline of Ostrava, exiled from her country after a Communist revolution. The next year, she became the President of the Detection Club.

Notes On The Listerdale Mystery | Christie In A Year – Extended

liserdale I’m on my holiday – doing a bit of fishing here. She prepares three cups of tea: Miss Alix King had been a trim business-like young woman, efficient, slightly brusque in manner, obviously capable and matter-of-fact. Take him away, will you?

When 1 found they were making a fuss about my disappearance, I arranged that a letter should come from me in East Africa. He’s got a lot of other houses all over London, but this is the one he lived in.